Friday, August 10, 2018

Long time gone but I'm Back now

Well its been a very long break for me due to whats been going on in my life! Ive been trying to get everything caught up and I have been neglecting my blog but I am back!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Workout prt 3

  Mens Locke room ......

Brody - " how about we get Subway instead. Burgers are not sounding good right now."
Chris - " Subway is ok I guess."
Brody - " When we leave we can pick up jeremys gym membership."
Chris - " What do you want for Christmas!"

Brody - " I haven't really thought much on it ."
Chris - " Come on there has to be something you wanted this year."
Brody - " Nothing is coming to mind."
Chris - " Well then i just have to guess what to get you."

Brody - " Well I did have my eye on a new DVD player that plays Blu rays."
Chris - " I thought you have a DVD player! "
Brody - " I do but its an older model and it doesn't play  Blu rays."
Chris - " We'll have to see what Santa says! " Chris giggles
Brody - " Hey I've been a good boy this year."
Chris - " Yeah right a good boy since when!"
Brody  grabbed his bag, " I might have been naughty sometimes."

Chris - " I think that "Santa" won't put you on the naughty list."

Brody - " We better get moving, I have to run a few errands before we go to lunch."

Brody - " I'll wait for you out in the car."
Chris - " I'll be right there."

The End

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Work out .........Part Two.


                                                                 (Warning Nudity)

Brody - " Well I better go hit the showers."
Brad - " If you need towels we have them at the desk."
Brody - " Thanks but we brought our own so thanks anyway!"

Chris - " That was awkward!"
Brody - " Why do you say that, he was being helpful."
Chris - " Helpful my ass he was flirting with you big time dude!"
Brody - " No he wasn't! He was just doing his job."

Back in the locker room .....                                                                                          

Chris - " Man I'm telling you he was seriously flirting."
Brody - " Get real! He was only trying to correct my lifting technique that's all."
Chris - " Well he definitely looked like he was having fun."
Brody - " Jealous are we!"
Chris - " Hell no!"

Brody - " Besides he isn't even my type anyway." ( starts to laugh)
Chris - " So whats your plans for the holidays!"
Brody - " Not sure yet, I know I have to get my butt in gear."
Chris - " I finished all my shopping yesterday. Had only a few people to buy for this year.'
Brody - " Well your lucky, I have about ten people to buy for and some are hard to buy for."
Chris smiles  - " I'm pretty easy to buy for."

Brody - " I already have something in mind for you.'
Chris - " Oh really! Can you give me a hint."
Brody - " Nope."

Brody - " I still haven't figured out what I'm gonna get Chris. He never hinted at anything he wanted this year.'
Chris - " I got him some season tickets to the Patriot games. He is gonna freak when he sees them.'
Brody - " I was thinking about getting him a watch so he can be on time when we go out."
Chris laughs - " That would definitely work for him.'

Brody - " Are you going to the Christmas party this year."
Chris - " What Christmas party!"
Brody - " The one that Sterling Enterprises is hosting. They hosted one last year and it was fun."
Chris - " Probably as long as it doesn't get boring and has plenty of eggnog !"
Brody - " Trust me it will be a blast."

Chris - " I was thinking of getting Jeremy a gym membership."
Brody - " He would probably love that.'
Chris - " Yeah he was complaining that working out in his basement was getting old."
Brody - " If you want I'll go halves with you on it."
Chris - " Sweet."

Brody - " Do you want to get something to eat after we leave here."
Chris - " OK sounds good to me."
Brody - " I want to try that new burger place on Cochran street."
Chris - "Jeremy said they were pretty good."

Brody and Chris finished getting ready  

Monday, November 23, 2015

Good news

              Just a little update, I was able to get my PC fixed which means I will be able to post more doll stories soon. I have been working on more dioramas but I've been also collecting stuff for the holiday photos that I have planned. On a minor note  I was able to pick these beauties up at my local TRU.

( Not My picture)

                                I am absolutely in love with these new bodies. The articulation on these dolls are amazing. ( Finally Barbie can hold her cellphone up to her ear...LOL) My TRU only had three of them on the shelf which of course I snatched up quickly and  it was buy one get one for 40% off. I plan on buying several of these new dolls to re-body some of my favorite dolls that I already own. Also I am wondering If Mattel is planning on making a better articulated body for ken.( crosses fingers) We will have to see......that's all for now


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Computer crash

                            Just to give everyone the heads up I won't be posting for awhile due to the fact that my PC crashed and I am not certain when I will be getting it fixed. All my doll pics are on my PC.  I can still visit other blogs and make comments from my work computer but I will not be able to post any pictures. I hope to get this problem taken care of very quickly.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Work Out

The next morning............


(Doorbell ringing)
Brody - " I'm coming I,m coming...."

Chris - " Rise and shine! "
Brody - " What the hell time is it!" 
Chris - " Its 9:30 , Time to get to the gym."

Brody - " You woke me up just to go workout with you! I haven't even eaten anything yet."
Chris - " We can stop on the way to the gym to pick something up."
Brody - " Your a pain in my ass you know that!"
Chris - " Yep that's what friends do plus when is the last time you went to the gym."
Brody - " I went...(hesitating)...about a couple of days ago."
Chris - " A good work out isn't going to kill you so come on  get your gym stuff and lets go."

Chris - " Make sure that you bring your pre workout powder I ran out two days ago."
Brody - " Figures as much as you live in that gym."

Brody finished getting ready while Chris waited ... 

At the gym.......                                                                                                                                       

Brody - " I was expecting the parking lot to be full
Chris - " Its Sunday , most people are in church
Brody - " I guess that's good . At least we won't have to wait for any equipment"

Chris - " Hey brad! My buddy here wants to workout for today."
Brad - " Are you interested in getting a membership."
Brody - " I was thinking about it but I haven't decided yet."
Chris - " Can he just get a pass for the day."
Brad - " Yeah but Its gonna cost  eleven dollars."
Brody - " That's fine."

Brad - "Do you boys need towels today  or anything.'
Chris - " Yeah I definitely need one. I forgot to put mine in my gym bag."
Brody - "Crap that's what I forgot, I guess I'll be needing one to."

Brody paid for his pass and him and Chris headed into the men's locker room...........

Brody - " The locker room is pretty big."
Chris - " They just renovated the locker rooms last month. Wait till you see the huge shower area."
Brody - " Do they have treadmills here or any other cardio equipment."
Chris - " Only a couple. Most guys here are here to lift and rarely do cardio."

Brody - " Did you want that pre workout powder now."
Chris - " Sure"
Brody reached into his bag and pulled out a small container.
Brody - " Here"
Chris - " Thanks, you gonna use some."
Brody - " No I think I'm ok"

Chris led Brody into the main workout area which was pretty dead......

Brody - " Wow this place is dead.'
Chris - " At least we know we will get a good lifting session in."
Brody - " I think I'm gonna start with the free weights  ."
Chris - " I'm gonna hit the bench."

Brody - " Do you want me to spot you."
Chris - " I think I'll be ok , I'm not going to be lifting heavy today."
Brody - " Well yell if you want me to spot you."
Chris - " I'm good.'

Brody - " How much do you normally bench.'
Chris - " On a good day I can bench 450."
Brody - ' Holy shit that's a lot of weight."
Chris - " Not really considering how long I have been lifting."

Chris - " I've been lifting since high school when I played football and wrestled."
Brody - " I didn't know that you played ball."
Chris - " Junior and senior year and also in college."
Brody - " I'm gonna go hit the free weights."

Brody made his way over to the free weights......

Brad - " You look like you need a little help."
Brody - " I think I got it thanks."
Brad - " What muscles are you working on today."
Brody - " Biceps and chest mostly."

Brad - " I can show you a really good chest exercise you can do."
Brody - " I think I'm ok thanks."
Brad - Are you sure, it can really get those pecs bigger."
Brody - " I appreciate the help but I think I'm good."
Brad -  " Well word of advice your not even holding the weights correctly."

Brody - "Oh really! I take it that's your way of saying I do need help."
Brad - " I'm not trying to be a dick but your form was way off and you might tear something."
Brody - " It was that obvious."
Brad - " Here let me show you ."

Brad - "Now lean all the way back and bring the weights up right here."
Brody - " Like this."
Brad - " Exactly now your gonna lower the weights down slowly like your hugging a barrel."

Brody - " I can definitely feel it in the chest."
Brad -" Don't go out to far just till you feel it."
Brody started to groan

Brad - " Now bring it up nice and slow."
Brody - " I definitely feel it now."

Brad - " Just do a couple more reps like that and you'll definitely be feeling these tomorrow morning.'
Brody - " Thanks for showing me that. I definitely need to hit the gym more."
Brad - " If you are interested I do personal training also."
Brody smiled - " I might have to Take you up on that!"

Brody noticed how toned Brads arms and chest was. Maybe a personal trainer was a good idea

To Be continued..........

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Club Babylon

Shannon - " Hey James sorry I'm late. I had to wait for a cab which seemed to take forever."
James - " Well your nearly an hour late and we got slammed."
Shannon - " Sorry! I didn't ask the cab driver to take him time trust me."

James - " Doesn't matter I need you to get out there and serve drinks."
Shannon - " I can tell your pissed at me but it wasn't my fault trust me."

Shannon - " Can you believe this guy right now!"
Pamela - " Honey all men act like assholes and bartenders are no different."
Shannon - " Well he needs to cool his jets because it wasn't my doing."

Pamela - " Girlfriend don't let him get you upset.Just do what you do best and I'm sure the night will get better." 
Shannon - " I can only hope."

James - " Tables aren't going to wait on themselves."
Shannon - " Holy shit James what the hell is your beef. I told you I was sorry that i was late and your ready to take my head off for it."
James - " You should have called , I could have gotten you a ride here."
Shannon - " Well next time I will."

James - " look I don't mean to snap at you but my other girl called off and it was only me and terry here to open so I'm a little rattled."
Shannon - " Wait Jill called off ..let me guess she's sick again right!That girl isn't sick she's probably over at her baby daddies house right now."

James - " She said she had strip throat or some shit like that."
Shannon - " What was it last time...oh yeah she said she had cramps really bad."
James - " It doesn't matter now  because she isn't here and you are so can you please take orders."

Shannon - " Why are you so defensive when I say stuff that's true and you know it."
James - " I am really not interested in playing this game right now. Get out there!"

Shannon - " Alright fine. "
James - " That goes to table three."
Shannon - " Maybe I should have stayed home!"

James - " Look, I don't have time for this ...Tables..!"
Shannon - " Alright already! "

Shannon - " You were so right about the bartender comment!"
Pamela - " I told you!"

Later after closing..............                                                                         

Chris - " That was fun."
Jeremy - " I shouldn't have had that last mix drink I  know that!"
Brody - " I need to get something to eat, who wants to get breakfast."

Chris - " Breakfast does sound pretty damned good right now."
Jeremy - " I thought you said you had no cash!"
Chris - " Not on me but I can use my debit card."

Brody - " Don't worry about it I'll treat this time."
Chris - " I say we go to Joe's dinner."

Jeremy - "Joe's food sucks!"
Brody - " I was thinking of going to I Hops. They are open all night."
Chris - " Sounds good but Joe's got banging omelets."
Jeremy - " I Hops have omelets also."
Brody - " Since I'm the one driving I say its I Hops."

Jeremy and Chris nodded their heads and the three walked towards the parking lot

The End