Thursday, December 24, 2015

Workout prt 3

  Mens Locke room ......

Brody - " how about we get Subway instead. Burgers are not sounding good right now."
Chris - " Subway is ok I guess."
Brody - " When we leave we can pick up jeremys gym membership."
Chris - " What do you want for Christmas!"

Brody - " I haven't really thought much on it ."
Chris - " Come on there has to be something you wanted this year."
Brody - " Nothing is coming to mind."
Chris - " Well then i just have to guess what to get you."

Brody - " Well I did have my eye on a new DVD player that plays Blu rays."
Chris - " I thought you have a DVD player! "
Brody - " I do but its an older model and it doesn't play  Blu rays."
Chris - " We'll have to see what Santa says! " Chris giggles
Brody - " Hey I've been a good boy this year."
Chris - " Yeah right a good boy since when!"
Brody  grabbed his bag, " I might have been naughty sometimes."

Chris - " I think that "Santa" won't put you on the naughty list."

Brody - " We better get moving, I have to run a few errands before we go to lunch."

Brody - " I'll wait for you out in the car."
Chris - " I'll be right there."

The End


  1. Chris is looking awfully fine this Christmas morning!

    1. Hi Vanessa! Chris definitely put on alot of muscle lately! I hope you have a wonderful christmas!

  2. How have I been missing this blog? Naked muscular men...I'm in! Good story.