Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Work out .........Part Two.


                                                                 (Warning Nudity)

Brody - " Well I better go hit the showers."
Brad - " If you need towels we have them at the desk."
Brody - " Thanks but we brought our own so thanks anyway!"

Chris - " That was awkward!"
Brody - " Why do you say that, he was being helpful."
Chris - " Helpful my ass he was flirting with you big time dude!"
Brody - " No he wasn't! He was just doing his job."

Back in the locker room .....                                                                                          

Chris - " Man I'm telling you he was seriously flirting."
Brody - " Get real! He was only trying to correct my lifting technique that's all."
Chris - " Well he definitely looked like he was having fun."
Brody - " Jealous are we!"
Chris - " Hell no!"

Brody - " Besides he isn't even my type anyway." ( starts to laugh)
Chris - " So whats your plans for the holidays!"
Brody - " Not sure yet, I know I have to get my butt in gear."
Chris - " I finished all my shopping yesterday. Had only a few people to buy for this year.'
Brody - " Well your lucky, I have about ten people to buy for and some are hard to buy for."
Chris smiles  - " I'm pretty easy to buy for."

Brody - " I already have something in mind for you.'
Chris - " Oh really! Can you give me a hint."
Brody - " Nope."

Brody - " I still haven't figured out what I'm gonna get Chris. He never hinted at anything he wanted this year.'
Chris - " I got him some season tickets to the Patriot games. He is gonna freak when he sees them.'
Brody - " I was thinking about getting him a watch so he can be on time when we go out."
Chris laughs - " That would definitely work for him.'

Brody - " Are you going to the Christmas party this year."
Chris - " What Christmas party!"
Brody - " The one that Sterling Enterprises is hosting. They hosted one last year and it was fun."
Chris - " Probably as long as it doesn't get boring and has plenty of eggnog !"
Brody - " Trust me it will be a blast."

Chris - " I was thinking of getting Jeremy a gym membership."
Brody - " He would probably love that.'
Chris - " Yeah he was complaining that working out in his basement was getting old."
Brody - " If you want I'll go halves with you on it."
Chris - " Sweet."

Brody - " Do you want to get something to eat after we leave here."
Chris - " OK sounds good to me."
Brody - " I want to try that new burger place on Cochran street."
Chris - "Jeremy said they were pretty good."

Brody and Chris finished getting ready  


  1. I had to go back in time to read part 1. Too funny -- Brad flirting with Brody! Your new locker room looks great! Reminds me of my high school locker room. Any gyms I have been to in recent years have separate shower stalls so you don't have shower in front of everyone! At lease it was that way in the ladies locker room -- I have never been in the men's locker room! LOL!

    1. Hi Phyllis, yeah I wanted to give this gym a more older feel to it like i remembered when i was younger. I think Chris took the help for flirting a little to far!

  2. phylisdont forget this is a men's locker... wait a min... oh, well. Anyway, cool scene!