Sunday, October 25, 2015

Work Out

The next morning............


(Doorbell ringing)
Brody - " I'm coming I,m coming...."

Chris - " Rise and shine! "
Brody - " What the hell time is it!" 
Chris - " Its 9:30 , Time to get to the gym."

Brody - " You woke me up just to go workout with you! I haven't even eaten anything yet."
Chris - " We can stop on the way to the gym to pick something up."
Brody - " Your a pain in my ass you know that!"
Chris - " Yep that's what friends do plus when is the last time you went to the gym."
Brody - " I went...(hesitating)...about a couple of days ago."
Chris - " A good work out isn't going to kill you so come on  get your gym stuff and lets go."

Chris - " Make sure that you bring your pre workout powder I ran out two days ago."
Brody - " Figures as much as you live in that gym."

Brody finished getting ready while Chris waited ... 

At the gym.......                                                                                                                                       

Brody - " I was expecting the parking lot to be full
Chris - " Its Sunday , most people are in church
Brody - " I guess that's good . At least we won't have to wait for any equipment"

Chris - " Hey brad! My buddy here wants to workout for today."
Brad - " Are you interested in getting a membership."
Brody - " I was thinking about it but I haven't decided yet."
Chris - " Can he just get a pass for the day."
Brad - " Yeah but Its gonna cost  eleven dollars."
Brody - " That's fine."

Brad - "Do you boys need towels today  or anything.'
Chris - " Yeah I definitely need one. I forgot to put mine in my gym bag."
Brody - "Crap that's what I forgot, I guess I'll be needing one to."

Brody paid for his pass and him and Chris headed into the men's locker room...........

Brody - " The locker room is pretty big."
Chris - " They just renovated the locker rooms last month. Wait till you see the huge shower area."
Brody - " Do they have treadmills here or any other cardio equipment."
Chris - " Only a couple. Most guys here are here to lift and rarely do cardio."

Brody - " Did you want that pre workout powder now."
Chris - " Sure"
Brody reached into his bag and pulled out a small container.
Brody - " Here"
Chris - " Thanks, you gonna use some."
Brody - " No I think I'm ok"

Chris led Brody into the main workout area which was pretty dead......

Brody - " Wow this place is dead.'
Chris - " At least we know we will get a good lifting session in."
Brody - " I think I'm gonna start with the free weights  ."
Chris - " I'm gonna hit the bench."

Brody - " Do you want me to spot you."
Chris - " I think I'll be ok , I'm not going to be lifting heavy today."
Brody - " Well yell if you want me to spot you."
Chris - " I'm good.'

Brody - " How much do you normally bench.'
Chris - " On a good day I can bench 450."
Brody - ' Holy shit that's a lot of weight."
Chris - " Not really considering how long I have been lifting."

Chris - " I've been lifting since high school when I played football and wrestled."
Brody - " I didn't know that you played ball."
Chris - " Junior and senior year and also in college."
Brody - " I'm gonna go hit the free weights."

Brody made his way over to the free weights......

Brad - " You look like you need a little help."
Brody - " I think I got it thanks."
Brad - " What muscles are you working on today."
Brody - " Biceps and chest mostly."

Brad - " I can show you a really good chest exercise you can do."
Brody - " I think I'm ok thanks."
Brad - Are you sure, it can really get those pecs bigger."
Brody - " I appreciate the help but I think I'm good."
Brad -  " Well word of advice your not even holding the weights correctly."

Brody - "Oh really! I take it that's your way of saying I do need help."
Brad - " I'm not trying to be a dick but your form was way off and you might tear something."
Brody - " It was that obvious."
Brad - " Here let me show you ."

Brad - "Now lean all the way back and bring the weights up right here."
Brody - " Like this."
Brad - " Exactly now your gonna lower the weights down slowly like your hugging a barrel."

Brody - " I can definitely feel it in the chest."
Brad -" Don't go out to far just till you feel it."
Brody started to groan

Brad - " Now bring it up nice and slow."
Brody - " I definitely feel it now."

Brad - " Just do a couple more reps like that and you'll definitely be feeling these tomorrow morning.'
Brody - " Thanks for showing me that. I definitely need to hit the gym more."
Brad - " If you are interested I do personal training also."
Brody smiled - " I might have to Take you up on that!"

Brody noticed how toned Brads arms and chest was. Maybe a personal trainer was a good idea

To Be continued..........


  1. Love Love Love!! You outdid yourself with this gym..I want every freaking piece, not to mention the underwear!! Btw....the naked brother in the locker room had no shame. LOL

  2. Hell! If Brad was my personal trainer I'd be at the gym 24/7! Hahaha! I love all the new dioramas and renovations! All the handsome guys in your episodes! Can't wait to see more! So glad I got the chance to catch up :)

    1. Hey Miranda!
      Brad is kinda sexy huh! Thanks for tuning into my blog and thank you for giving me the inspiration I needed to do this! :)