Saturday, October 17, 2015


Club Babylon

Shannon - " Hey James sorry I'm late. I had to wait for a cab which seemed to take forever."
James - " Well your nearly an hour late and we got slammed."
Shannon - " Sorry! I didn't ask the cab driver to take him time trust me."

James - " Doesn't matter I need you to get out there and serve drinks."
Shannon - " I can tell your pissed at me but it wasn't my fault trust me."

Shannon - " Can you believe this guy right now!"
Pamela - " Honey all men act like assholes and bartenders are no different."
Shannon - " Well he needs to cool his jets because it wasn't my doing."

Pamela - " Girlfriend don't let him get you upset.Just do what you do best and I'm sure the night will get better." 
Shannon - " I can only hope."

James - " Tables aren't going to wait on themselves."
Shannon - " Holy shit James what the hell is your beef. I told you I was sorry that i was late and your ready to take my head off for it."
James - " You should have called , I could have gotten you a ride here."
Shannon - " Well next time I will."

James - " look I don't mean to snap at you but my other girl called off and it was only me and terry here to open so I'm a little rattled."
Shannon - " Wait Jill called off ..let me guess she's sick again right!That girl isn't sick she's probably over at her baby daddies house right now."

James - " She said she had strip throat or some shit like that."
Shannon - " What was it last time...oh yeah she said she had cramps really bad."
James - " It doesn't matter now  because she isn't here and you are so can you please take orders."

Shannon - " Why are you so defensive when I say stuff that's true and you know it."
James - " I am really not interested in playing this game right now. Get out there!"

Shannon - " Alright fine. "
James - " That goes to table three."
Shannon - " Maybe I should have stayed home!"

James - " Look, I don't have time for this ...Tables..!"
Shannon - " Alright already! "

Shannon - " You were so right about the bartender comment!"
Pamela - " I told you!"

Later after closing..............                                                                         

Chris - " That was fun."
Jeremy - " I shouldn't have had that last mix drink I  know that!"
Brody - " I need to get something to eat, who wants to get breakfast."

Chris - " Breakfast does sound pretty damned good right now."
Jeremy - " I thought you said you had no cash!"
Chris - " Not on me but I can use my debit card."

Brody - " Don't worry about it I'll treat this time."
Chris - " I say we go to Joe's dinner."

Jeremy - "Joe's food sucks!"
Brody - " I was thinking of going to I Hops. They are open all night."
Chris - " Sounds good but Joe's got banging omelets."
Jeremy - " I Hops have omelets also."
Brody - " Since I'm the one driving I say its I Hops."

Jeremy and Chris nodded their heads and the three walked towards the parking lot

The End


  1. Breakfast or rolled tacos always made me feel better after a night of partying. :) I like Shannon but understand where James is coming from...she should have called.

  2. James didn't want to hear a mouthful of excuses and Shannon kept going on. Sheesh...then the fellas made me hungry. LOL great post.

    1. Typical guys wanting to eat after the bar. When i was writing this the thought of pancakes came across!

  3. Mmm, breakfast at I Hops at 2:00 am! Sounds good! I agree with Tracy, Shannon should have called. These days with everyone having cell phones, there is really no excuse not to call in that situation. Plus her being late puts a burden on anyone else working, even if the other girl had shown up. Really like your bar! It is great!

    1. Thanks! I don't think that Shannon thought of using her cellphone! The club was alot of work but i am so happy how it turned out. Its also my largest diorama that i have ever built.

  4. I say fire Shannon. Not because she was late, but because she didn't just get to work once she got there. Didn't she hear him say they were slammed? Why is she even talking about the girl who didn't show up? Get to work. I would have fired her on the spot. I love going to IHop after partying!

    1. James probably would have fired her if he was the manager. I think that Shannon thinks she cant be touched but we will have to see what happens!

  5. Man I remember those days up all night sleep all day! Lol! And yes! Shannon needs to change her attitude towards work unless she wants to be out of a job.