Saturday, October 3, 2015

Going out with the boys ( Updated)

Later that night Brody decided to go out to the club with his best friends Chris and Jeremy.

Jeremy - " I hope you boys can hang with the big boys tonight."
Brody - " Don't you worry about that I think we got that covered."

Chris - " Do you guys think I look ok."
Jeremy - " You look great now come on."
Chris - " I think I should have worn my other shirt."

Jeremy - " For christ sakes man you look fine. You ain't gonna get lucky tonight anyway ."
Chris - " You never know I might  get laid  tonight."
Jeremy - " Your such a bone head!" 

Chris - " Hey you never know tonight might be the night."
Jeremy starts to laugh, " Ok lover boy now can we go in now."

Chris - " OK I'm going, I'm going ..sheeeze!"
Jeremy - " Well get going then...."

Inside the club........

The club was filled with loud music which you could hear from outside and people  talking loudly due to the music. Brody and his pals made their way up to the clubs bar.                                                                                          

Jeremy - " Wow this place is packed tonight."
Brody - " Well yeah it's opening night lets get something to drink."
Chris - " This place is awesome...they even have a dart board."

Brody - " Hey James can I get three draft beers please!"
James - " Sure coming right up."
Brody - " Thanks."

Jeremy - " Damn this place is huge. Where is the dance floor at."
Brody - " It's in the back."
Chris - " Sure has some nice looking honeys in here!"
Jeremy - " Man is sex the only thing on your brain tonight!"
Chris -" No but hey if it happens it happens."

James - " Here is your drinks fellas."
Brody - " Thank James."

Brody gave his friends their drinks 

Brody - " Here is to good friends."
Jeremy - " I'll drink to that."
Chris - " Cheers."

Brody -  " Lets go check out the dance floor." 
Jeremy - " Sounds good to me."

Brody led the way to the back of the club.

Jeremy - " This dance floor is sweet."
Brody  - " We just got the new light installed a couple of days ago."
Jeremy - " The light do make a huge difference back here. "
Chris - " Man the music is so loud back here I can't hear myself think."
Jeremy - " What did you expect."

Chris - " I really like the Djs music he is playing, does he do requests."
Brody - " Yeah he does and make sure you tip him if you request something."
Chris - " Tip the Dj! I never heard of that before."
Brody - He does play some really nice hits."

Jeremy - " I thought they were putting a bar in the back too."
Brody - " They did have plans to but decided to put that on hold for now."
Jeremy - " Well it would have been really nice but hey that's the breaks right."

Chris felt a hand on his should 

Frank - " What the hell are you doing here"
Chris - " I can ask you the same question."
Frank - " Thanks for screwing me over like you did."
Chris - " What! I screwed you,  you mean you screwed me!"
Frank started to laugh, " Yeah we know the truth on that one don't we."

Chris - " Look Frank this ain't the time or place to be having this discussion,"
Frank - " Why not! You afraid your little friends might find out  that you are a prick!"
Chris - " Can I just call you later and we can discuss it then."

Frank - "Oh I don't think so we are going to get this out in the open right now."

To Be Continued



  1. Hi Will. Great to see you posting again. Love seeing your guys again. Nice touches with the new bar.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! yeah it is really good to be posting again. Things were very haywire in my life for awhile there but I am doing better now. I have been following fellow bloggers blogs which helped me get back into it. :)

  2. Oh boy.....I was waiting to hear what all the crash was about. Love you scenes, as usual. I'll be waiting.

    1. Thanks Brenova! Its going to be very interesting i can tell you that! lol

  3. Uh oh! Boys , beers and big egos! I can't wait to see what happens :)