Friday, September 25, 2015

Opening Soon

    Brody decided to go into work a little early so he can get some ordering done. The club was temporary shut down due to remodeling but was scheduled to open this weekend.

                                               Brody - (To himself) Man i can't believe some of the prices of some of these shot bottles.Hopefully I can find a distributor who is reasonable.

Brody didn't hear the door open as Ed approached where he was sitting

Ed - " So getting the last minute details done are we."
Brody - " Well sort of , I've been looking to see what bottles we need to stock the shelf for the bar."
Ed- " Have you found anyone who had decent prices." 
Brody - "I did find a couple but i'm not sure about the one though."

Brody - " I got in contact with the one via email but the other i'm probably gonna have to call."
Ed- " What about that place over near Crandis  Street. We have dealt with them before."
Brody - " I don't like their delivery service, it's always a day or so late ."

Ed- " Well they might have to be the one we go through."
Brody - " Yeah as a last resort. I did get a hold of the beer distributor and the delivery will be here by this weekend so we don't have to worry there."
Ed- "That's definitely good news now back to the current issue."

Brody - " Take a look at what i pulled up on my laptop. There is several ones that we can choose from. "
Ed - I didn't realize there was so many in this town!"
Brody - " Some of these are in near by towns which makes them out of the question."

Ed- " What about this one right here! They seem to have decent prices on their bottles."
Brody - " That's the one I'm gonna call here to see what the delivery time would be."

Brody - " Maybe we can get them to give us a good deal."
Ed- " Well that's why I hired you as my manager because getting deals is right up your ally."
Brody - " Plus I make a killer drink as well."
Ed smirked and started to smile, " You definitely are gifted." 

Ed- " Well what ever you decide to do is ok with me but you better get an order in quickly or I'll be sending you or James to the liquor store to get them."
Brody - It would probably be cheaper to do just that."

                               Brody - "Speaking of James, Did you give my Idea anymore thought." 
Ed - " I did give it some thought but I am not 100% sure about it."
Brody - " I think it will definitely bring in more business."

Ed - " It probably would but I have to think about it some more."
Brody - " It's a great idea!"

Brody - " I did some calculations and believe me its gonna rake in the Benjamins."
Ed - " How about we sit down next week and go over the details."
Brody - " Next week will work just let me know when."
Ed - " I'll let you know but I got to get going. i have to pick up the wife at the airport and she hates it when I have to make her wait."

Brody - " Well tell the misses that I said hello."
" Ed - " I will but thanks again for doing what you do best.'
Brody - " You know I  always do!"

Ed shook Brodys hand the turned to leave

Ten Minutes later...........................                                                                                         

          Brody gathered his stuff off the table and headed over to the bar so he could program the register.

The End



  1. Great job on the bar! Brody seems to have things under control.

    1. thanks phyllis! That bar has gone through so many changes! I think it looks better now!

  2. Great job on the bar! Brody seems to have things under control.

  3. Great story and your set is great!

    1. Thanks ! I love creating these scenes. I try to put as much detail as i can in them to make them look realistic.

  4. You have the best dolls and your scenarios are so realistic! The conversation flow and poses are always so natural. Story lines are great too!

    1. hi Grandmommy! I try to make the scenes as realistic as possible and I really love how the shoots turn out although I did do a shoot today that I probably will have to redo because of lighting issues! As for the dialogue well i like that to be as real as possible to. My dolls live interesting lives!

  5. Hi. I love your blog which is why I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check out Brenova's Blog for all of your details.

  6. Ed is quite handsome. I've missed seeing all your wonderful guys. Good seeing Brody back at work. Club Babylon is really nice!

  7. Love seeing Brody again and the new bar is looking great! Him and Peter should hangout since they both manage nightclubs :)