Saturday, October 10, 2015

Tensions mounting

Club Babylon.........

Brody - "Who's your friend!"
Chris - " An old acquaintance."
Frank - "Oh that's all I am now huh!"

Brody - ( sticking his hand out) " The name is Brody..."
Frank - " At least he has some frigging manners, Frank."
Chris - " Frank use to be my roommate back in college."
Brody - " oh I see."

Frank - " So he never told you about his "college years huh!"
Brody - " I really never asked him about his college life."
Frank - " Well this Asshole owes me..big time!"
Chris - " I don't owe you shit buddy!"

Brody - "Frank listen what ever your issues you have with Chris is between you and him. Let's just enjoy ourselves tonight...let me buy you a drink."
Frank - " Sorry for interfering with your little get together tonight."

Frank walked away from the group.....

Brody - " Obviously he's got issues!"
Chris - " You don't even know the half of it."
Brody - " Forget about him lets just have a good time OK."
Chris - " I already forgot him."

Brody - " Here is to a awesome night."
Chris - " I'll drink to that."

Both men clanked their classes together......

Jeremy - " Are you girls over your little drama because I want to dance."
Brody - " Everything is OK with me how about you Chris ! " 
Chris - " Lets go tear that dance floor up."

On the dance floor, Jeremy , Chris and Brody  bust a move

Brody - " You know how long its been since I dances."
Jeremy - " Probably at last years New Years Eve party where you were a little drunk that night."
Brody - " Your probably right. I never had such a blast then that night."
Chris - " Well this years party better be one that I am invited to."

Jeremy - " Hopefully we will have dates to take.
Brody - " I will definately be bringing someone."
Jeremy - " First you need to brush up on your dancing skills!"
Brody - " I think I am doing just fine thank you."
Jeremy - " Maybe if you get a couple more in ya ."
Brody - " Well the night is still young my friend!."

Brody and his friends continued to dance.......

Brody - " I'll be right back I have to take a leak!"
Jeremy - " Can you get me a drink when you come back."

Brody smirked and Jeremy who was grinning from ear to ear.

After using the bathroom,Brody went up towards to the front of the club. He noticed that it was starting to get pretty busy.

Brody - " James can you get me another atomic bomb please."
James- " Coming right up."
Brody - " Make sure you make it strong its for Jeremy."

Stranger - " Excuse me  but don't  I  know you from some where!."
Brody turned to see a man dressed in a business suit
Brody - " Not ringing a bell."

Stranger - " Oh sorry the name is Jack. I'm new to the area .  I was transferred to Sterling enterprises."
Brody - " Sterling Enterprises huh! "
Jack - " Yeah I thought you were a client that came to see us today."
Brody - " You must got me mistaken for some one else."
Jack - " I apologize...its just that you look like a guy who came into the office today."

Brody - " Nope can't say I have ever been in your office but its nice to meet you anyway."
Jack - " Same here, do you visit this establishment often.'
Brody - " Actually I am the club manager , I had the night off so me and a couple of buddies of mine  are enjoying the night off.."
Jack - "Well if you ever need to advertise this place I can definitely help you ."
Brody - "Sweet! That would be totally something  I  would be interested in."

Jack - " Lets talk over at that table over there."
Brody - " Ok "

Brody - " So what exactly does your company do if I may ask.'
Jack - " We advertise businesses and help them with publicizing and stuff like that."
Brody -" The magic question is whats it gonna cost."

Jack - " It all depends on what you want done. Before I leave I can give you a business card so we can set up a consultation if you like."
Brody - " I will definitely have to run it across the owner first but I don't see him saying no."
Jack - " Great! manage this place. Must be tiring to do."

Brody - " Actually Its not that bad. I've been doing this for awhile now ."
Jack - " How long have you been a manager here"
Brody - " I actually just started about a week ago but I use to manage a club called the Metro but it went out of business."
Jack - " I am pretty  new to this city so I don't know about many places here yet."
Brody - " Where did you move from ."
Jack - " I just moved here from Dallas Texas."

Brody - " Holy shit all the way down there! I never been there myself."
Jack - " It's pretty busy there plus its really hot."
Brody - " The biggest city I have ever lived in was Los Angeles but that was a few years ago."

Jack - " LA is definitely a huge city. Are you  from here originally."
Brody - " No I am originally from Brooklyn but my parents moved here when I was five I think."
Jack - " Well its definitely nice to meet new people here."
Brody - " If you come here regularly  you will definitely meet alot of people."
Jack - " I don't really go out much due to my work."
Brody - " All work and no fun I see."
Jack - " Sorta but I am definitely going to try to come here more often."

To Be continued..............................................


  1. spidey senses are tingling about Frank and Jack. I'd keep an eye out for those two. Maybe I'm just suspicious...

    1. hehe! Your spidey sense might be right on the money. Trust me we will be seeing Frank more .

  2. Love your pictures. Frank has some serious issues. I hope we get to find out what happened to get him so uptight.

    1. Hi Vanessa, Frank and Chris have history and its gonna be fun exploring their past with each other!

  3. Haha really nice! Are they Hot Toys?

    1. Hi lady lolo....Yes alot of these are Hot Toys action figures. I like using action figures because they have more articulation and detail.

  4. I agree what is going on with Frank and Chris is not done yet!! I'm really enjoying all the pics of the bar/ nightclub :)