Friday, September 18, 2015

New Starbucks in town

    Brody has been running all day . He decided to stop in the newly constructed Starbucks that was recently built near his apartment.

Brody - " Hmm mm....what do I want!" 

Brody looks over the menu hoping to see if the Pumpkin spice Lattes where in season yet

Barista - " I'll be right with you sir."             
Brody - " Take your time I'm still deciding."

                  Barista - " Welcome to Starbucks what can i get started for you."
Brody - " Do you have the Pumpkin spice lattes yet!"
Barista - Actually yes we do we started them today."
Brody - " Sweet! Can I please have one..."               
Barista - What Size would you like."                         
Brody - " Oh yeah ...Grande please."                        
        Barista - " Coming right up."                                            

Brody - " Is there a way that you could possibly make that with soy milk please."

Barista - " Sure thing , do you want the whipped cream on it."
Brody - " No that's OK."                                                       

Brody - " This place is really nice. Better then the old coffee shop that was here."
Barista - " Thanks. Starbucks is a pretty popular coffee these days."                     
Brody - " Last time I actually had Starbucks is when I was In New York City and that was two years ago."
Barista - " Wow that was a while ago."

Barista - " Here is your Grande Pumpkin spice Latte."
Brody - " Thanks."                                                     
Barista - " Enjoy the rest of your afternoon."               
  Brody - " You as well."                                                 

Brody moved away from the counter. He could already smell the pumpkin spice coming from his Latte.  He isn't much of a coffee drinker but once in awhile he likes a good Latte.

Brody noticed the young police office who was walking through the front door.
Brody - " Officer Grayson isn't it."
Grayson - " The one and only."     
Brody - " Your one of my dads new officers. My dad is Chief Sinclair."
Grayson - " Oh Ok , what was your name again."                                   
Brody - I'm Brody....Brody Sinclair."        
Grayson - " Nice to meet you Mr Sinclair." 
Brody - " Just Brody will work. Coming in to get some coffee huh!"         
Grayson - " Yeah I was debating on getting an espresso but I'm not sure yet."

Brody - " Well if you like flavored coffee they just started making Pumpkin spice Lattes."
Grayson - " I'm not really a fan of the flavored coffees."             
Brody - " well i'm sure that you'll find something you like here."

Grayson - " The funny thing is that I have never had Starbucks coffee before."                           
Brody - " What! You never had Starbucks! Dude you haven't lived until you had their coffee."

Brody - " Starbucks coffee is the bomb. I'm just glad that they finally have one here."
Grayson - " You definitely are passionate about their coffee."                                    
Brody - " Damn straight I am."                                                                                 

Grayson - " Well I guess since you feel so strongly about it . Is there a certain coffee that is good!"                
Brody -"Well I like the Pike place  because it's a little stronger but if you want something a little more weaker I suggest the Veranda blend."

Brody - " I personally like the flavored coffees but you probably can sample the coffees here."
Grayson - " Thanks for the tip. I,m probably gonna go with the Pike place."                               
Brody - " Well I gotta get going but it was nice meeting you."
Grayson - " Same to you."

Officer Grayson got into line as Brody headed out the door.



Hi guys. I know that its been awhile since I posted in awhile. Summer has been really busy with school and all plus I have been working alot as well. Its really nice to finally post a story with my favorite character Brody so stay tuned in because there is alot more coming your way!




  1. Happy to see you back! I do miss Brody and gang. What doll is the barista? I haven't see that face before? Also loving officer Grayson. He is very handsome.

    1. Thanks Phyllis! I really missed them to so that's why I went back to using my old gang! I'm not sure who he is! I found him at a flea market . He didn't come with any clothes or his box.

  2. Yay! good to see you back! Who in the world is that hunky officer?!

    1. Thanks! The Hunky officer is John Blake from Hot Toys. He was one of the main characters in The Dark Knight returns. We will definitely be seeing a lot more of him in the future!

  3. Great storytelling and scenery. Doggone if Brody didn't make me want some coffee too! I'll be following your posts.

    1. Hi and thank you for the comment! I know when I was writing this episode I wanted to run to a near by Starbucks but they weren't open! LOL

  4. I love your Starbucks it is awesome! And lol! A cop whose never had Starbucks coffee? Heeheee I could so go for one of those pumpkin lattes right now ;-)