Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chapter 30...Breakfast please!

   6 am Thursday.

 It is Six am at Brody apartment and Brody has already started on his first cup of coffee

" Daddy are you going to make us breakfast." - Brayden
" Of course I'm gonna make breakfast! Lets go to the kitchen." - Brody
In the kitchen Brody began cooking up some eggs. Brayden didn't want eggs so Brody cooked him his favorite.
" Did you wash your hands." - Brody
" Their all clean daddy." - Brayden
Brayden sat at the table and Brody brought him over his favorite...pancakes
" Pancakes...yummy!" - Brayden
" Do you want daddy to cut them up for you." - Brody
" No, I'm a big boy." - Brayden replied
"Eeewww eggs!" - Brayden
" This is why I made you pancakes because I knew you wouldn't want eggs." -Brody
" Pancakes are more yummier and I like the syrup the best." -Brayden
" I  know you do!" - Brody
" Did  you pick up your toys in your room like I asked you to." - Brody
" Yeah I did and I even made my bed to." - Brayden
"Good, make sure your dirty clothes are put in the laundry today to Ok." - Brody
" Is Nana coming over today with Papa!" - Brayden
" I'm not sure I think Papa has to work all day today." - Brody
"  Maybe Nana will come over and watch a movie with us." - Brayden
" Well that will have to wait till you get back from school." - Brody
"Daddy when can I drink coffee like you someday." - Brayden
" Not until your a little older now drink your milk." - Brody
" If I drink coffee like you will I be hairy to." - Brayden giggled
Brody almost choked on his coffee
" Finish eating your bus will be here any minute." - Brody
Brayden (still giggling)
Brody finished his breakfast and started cleaning up.
Brayden finished eating his breakfast and climbed down from the table
" Daddy I'm all finished with my plate." - Brayden
" OK make sure you push your chair in." - Brody
" OK." - Brayden
Brody finished cleaning the kitchen then scooped Brayden up into his arms
" Lets go squirt we need you to get ready for school." - Brody
" Do I have to." - Brayden
" Yes you have to." - Brody
Brody took Brayden to get ready for school. Brody wanted to make sure that Brayden didn't miss his bus.


  1. Cute story! Brayden looks taller! Such a big boy!

    1. Hi Ms Leo
      Yeah i did find Brayden a bigger body which suits him alot better plus making clothes will probably be a little more easier to. I just love that little stinker! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I practically made everything in it. I really dont like the pink stuff which Mattel is famous for.

  3. Very nice kitchen! Nice photostory!

  4. Brody is such a wonderful Dad and Brayden is absolutely adorable. Kids will say the funniest things and totally catch you off guard :) loved it!

    1. Thanks! I know right kids do say the strangest stuff. Brayden is such a cutie!

  5. Great and cute story! Brayden is so funny! I love the kitchen. Brody is on my wish list since I saw a picture of him dressed as the character in The Pianist on Flickr :-).

  6. Cute story. Brayden is growing up! Love your sets too. You are very talented!

    1. Thanks Phyllis. Brayden is definately going to be a handfull!

  7. Hi William! What a great dad! I liked watching the scenes with your child! The kitchen is precione did you do that for details! A lovely post!

    1. Hi Thank you for visiting my post. I do love working with these two alot. The kitchen was a really nice touch to my story and i'm glad it turned out ok.

  8. Replies
    1. Hi Ro
      This is my blog that i wrote to you about asking how you created your dioramas. I'm glad that you are able to see my work and please if you have any tips or tricks ..please let me know! ...Hugs...