Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chapter 31 Movie with friends part 2


Another movie goer in the back row leaned forward, " Hey can you please stop making noise I'm trying to watch this movie.!"
"Excuse me but this movie is horrible . " - Keisha
" Well go see another movie then." - Movie goer
Keisha put up her hand, " Excuse me but I can voice my opinion if i want to." - Keisha
" SSSHHH" - came from the back row
" Keisha just watch the movie please." - Cory
" Thank you miss you just ruined this movie for me!" - Movie goer
" WHAT! Just because I made a comment to my friends...really!." - Keisha
" Being scared is one thing but being loud is another. I bet your friends don't appreciate the rudeness that you are causing." - Movie goer
Keisha stood up to confront the man, " Oh no you just didn't call me out. You seriously need to get out of my face." - Keisha
" Well you need to keep your opinions to yourself . May be your friends should of brought some duck tape!" - Movie goer
Stephanie got up to try to calm her friend down," Keisha your making a huge scene. Please just sit and watch the rest of the movie." - Steph
" As long as this uptight , tie wearing bonehead goes away!......." - Keisha
"Maybe I should just go get the manager and have you thrown out of here!" - Movie goer
" Go get the manager, I aint afraid to tell him what I think." - Keisha
" Keisha!" - Steph replied grabbing her friends arm.
"You seriously need help lady!" - Movie goer replied then turned and walked away
" The nerve of that guy.He's lucky that I got my nails done because it would have been on " - Keisha
" Keisha you  need to seriously sit down before we are kicked out of here." - Steph
" Cory I think that we should leave." - Steph
" Well the movie just ended so we can go.." - Cory
The rest of the crowd started to exit the theatre
" Lets just go get something to eat." - Steph
" Sounds like a good idea to me." - Cory
" Yes definitely ,I'm a little hungry." - Keisha
 As the exited the theatre
" Maybe it would be a good idea if we just go somewhere that has a drive through." - Cory
" I think that would be a good idea!" - Steph
Cory, Steph and Keisha left the theatre and went to get something to eat. Steph was a little frazzled by the way her friend reacted to the gentlemen and planned on talking to her about it later.
The end.
Poor Steph. I don't think she is to happy with how her friend acted at the theatre. Hopefully she can talk to Keisha to find out what really set her off like that .


  1. Great part two, Keisha obviously was not in a good mood. The audience looks very good! And thanks for informing me about the theatre, it's really great how you made it!

  2. Hmm...maybe Keisha is just having a bad day. I wouldn't have pictured her to act that way. Well, hope they at least enjoy dinner. :-)

  3. Oh my! she is a handful. I agree with Tracy maybe she is just having a bad day....