Monday, February 17, 2014

Chapter 29..Movie with friends

   Cory and Steph decided that they wanted to go see a movie and invited their friend Keisha along for the ride.

" Wow this theatre is packed!" - Steph
" They say this movie is pretty scary." - Cory
" Here is three front seats, let's take them." - Cory
" I don't know about sitting this close up." - Keisha
" It will be fine plus its a nice view." - Cory
" This is exciting! I hope the movie isn't to scary because I don't want to have nightmares." - Steph
" You'll be fine because its only a movie." - Cory
" Movie is starting, did everyone shut off their phones!" - Steph
" I left mine in the car." - Keisha
" Yep, turned off." - Cory
20 minutes into the movie
Steph places her head on Cory's shoulder, " This is so nice." - Steph
"SSSHHSSHSHH" - unknown
" Babe just watch the movie." - Cory
 Keisha got up  from her chair
" Watch this seat I'll be right back." - Keisha
" Where are you going." - Steph
" Girl I gotsta go pee!Be right back." - Keisha
"Oh my god honey what is that guy doing!" - Steph
 " Just watch ." - Cory
" Well you hold the popcorn now I'm done with it." - Steph
" Ok I'm back what did i miss." - Keisha
" You don't want to know, this movie is getting gross!" - Steph
" I can't watch any more of this." - Steph
" Oh my god did he just...ewww that is nasty!" - Keisha
" Watch the movie." - Cory trying not to laugh
End of Part one
  I will have part two up soon. I think that the girls bit of more then they can chew going to see this movie.



  1. Hello from Spain: great film session and popcorn. Very real. Keep in touch.

  2. Hi william! What a great job as the film! Tambn I got it, this chulisimo. I really liked the story. A kiss!

  3. It looks like a real movie theatre, did you make it yourself or is it for sale somewhere? I want one :-). Great story, looking forward to part two!

    1. I made the theatre If you google my froggy stuff she has an excellent tutorial on youtube!

  4. Hey Keisha came to visit! I liked the story and the set is very realistic!

  5. I LOVE the movie theatre! Well done. I think that they should have picked another movie as all the ladies in the theatre seem to be a little squeamish. Let's see what happens....

    1. Trust me the ladies did want to see another movie but Cory talked them into watching this one.

  6. I love movie scenes, your theater looks awesome! Very well done, William. Cory has got his hands full with these two squeamish ones but I don't think he minds it too much. I always love a good scary movie :)
    Can't wait to see more!

    1. Thanks Miranda. It was fun putting this together and no i dont think Cory minds the girls grabing on to him but waite it gets alot more interesting in part two!

  7. Never take a chic to a scary movie, LOL. I Loooooove your movie theatre! I have really go to try making it. Myfroggy stuff makes everything look so easy. Very nice, William!

  8. Very impressive! The story is funny too. I LOVE horror movies so it's funny to me to see the ladies all scared and squeamish.

    1. Hi Muff
      I find that funny to! Mayb they should have seen something diffferent. maybe next time!

  9. Great job on your theater. I'm with the ladies on this one. No scary movies for me.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! Waite to you see what happens...;)