Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chapter 25...Old Times


Brody felt a tap on is shoulder," Hey Brody hows it going man." - Thom
" Oh hey Thom,when did you get back into town?" - Brody
" I just got back this morning and thought I would come out to see who was still around." - Thom
" As you can see ts the same ole people." - Brody
" So how was medical school. "- Brody
" I'm pretty much finished. I just got an internship at Saint Jude's Hospital here in town which is nice. I'll probably be there for two years." - Thom
" Nice. That means you'll be around for awhile." - Brody
" Yeah at least for a little while. How is your son doing. He's probably getting big." - Thom
" Growing like a weed. He'll be excited to see you I know that." - Brody
" I see Curtis is still around." - Thom
" He finally got a job on the force here in town. I think it's kinda funny that my dad is his boss." -Brody
" I bet he really likes that." - Thom laughs
" My dad keeps him on his toes plus he is a good officer. " - Brody
As if on cue Curtis shows up," Hey Brody I'll be right back, beers going right through me." - Curtis
" OK  I didn't need to know that." - Brody
" Oh hey Thom. Hows it going." - Curtis
" Pretty good. Just got back into town today." - Thom
" Sweet...gotta go!" - Curtis headed towards the men's room
" Still the same old craze Curtis I see." - Thom
" He'll never change. I thought that when he use to date Lisa  that would change him but nope." - Brody
" What they broke up!" - Thom
" A year ago. She wanted kids and he wasn't ready for that yet so they called it quits." - Brody
" I can't see him settling down anytime soon anyway." - Brody
" So who are you seeing now a days." - Thom
" Me, I'm single at the moment. I haven't found the right person yet but that's OK I can deal with it." - Brody
" You'll have to come over for a visit when you get settled in. Are you staying with your sister?" - Brody
" No, she allready has a friend staying with her so I thought I wouldn't impose on her. I'm staying in a motel for now until I get my own place." - Thom
" That's nuts! You can stay with me if you want until you get up and running." -Brody
" Maybe. I'm not sure whats up yet but I will definitely let you know." - Thom
" You're always welcome at my place," - Brody
" I gotta get going. I start my new shift rotation tomorrow but I'll definitely stop over to see Braden." - Thom
" Awesome. He's gonna be excited to see you and let me know about staying with us." - Brody
" OK I will. I'll see ya later." - Thom
" See ya." - Brody
Brody made his way back over to where Michael was standing
" Did  Curtis come back form the bathroom yet." - Michael
" I didn't see him come back through yet." - Brody
" Are you ready for another beer?" - Michael
" I still have to finish my first one yet." - Brody
Brody checked his cell phone to see what time it was and to check his messages.
" Don't tell me that Cinderella has to be back home soon." - Michael
" No I'm just seeing what time it was that all."- Brody
" Time to have some fun....."- Michael
Curtis returned from the men's room, " OK I think I'm OK now." - Curtis
" That's definitely nice to know. Curtis its your turn to buy." - Michael
" Oh yeah that right well lets get partying!" - Curtis
Brody and his two friends continued to party the night away.
Poor Brody. He hasn't been out in a long time and I think his friends really want him to have a good time. I will have the third part up in a few days so keep tuned in.



  1. Thom is awfully handsome. As is Michael. Nice to see your Teresa doll there. She looks very nice in her outfit. Poor Curtis. He may need to slow down on the beer. lol.

    1. Thanks Vanessa,
      I had the Thom head for awhile and never did anything with him until now. Theresa is one of my favorite Mattel molds and i love her shorter hair.

  2. I cant recognize Thom from that angle, but is he Christian Bale? That was nice of Brody to offer his place - he's a cool guy.

    1. Muff
      Thom is actually Tom Wellington who plays in smallsville. Brody always thinks of his friends.

  3. Hello William!

    I am with Muff: I like Thom (as well as Christian Bale :) ) but Brody is my absolute favorite with his personality!
    I'd love to see that he finds the right person to live with!

    The pictures are so cool, always so real! I enjoy them very much! :)

    1. Thank you Rosemary
      Brody is probably my favorite character so far. He will be entering the dating scene here pretty soon so keep tuned in!

    2. Good news! :) I can't wait :)

      (My main character - who is a divorced mom with a daughter - had a date first for so long time, too: http://lifeinrosemaryhill.blogspot.hu/ :) )