Monday, October 7, 2013

Chapter 26......The aftermath

2:30 am........

                                           Curtis helps brody back to his apartment.

"Whoa...maybe I shouldn't have drank all those beers." - Brody
" I told you to slow down but you didn't listen." - Curtis
" You know..."hiccup"  you are an awesome friend you know that."- Brody
" If  I wasn't you would be in an ally somewhere throughing up right now." - Curtis
"I'm gonna set you down on the couch." - Curtis
" OK..."burp"..sounds OK..."- Brody
" Boy you are pretty lit up." - Curtis
 Curtis pulls out his cellphone.
" Wow its 2:40 in the morning." - Curtis
" You are awesome........."- Brody
Curtis dialed Stephs number to let her know they got to Brody's apartment OK
" Yeah he is zonked out on the couch right now.....I'm probably gonna stay here to make sure that he is alright plus I want to be here in the morning when he wakes up with a huge hangover." - Curtis
"OK I'll call you tomorrow...bye." - Steph replies on the other end
" Nite." - Curtis replied then turned his phone off
Curtis goes into the closet to get a blanket and pillow.
" I wonder if I should cover him up." - Curtis says to himself
" No he'll probably get to hot anyway." - Curtis
Curtis lays down on the floor and begins to pull off his boots. He knew this was going to be very uncomfortable.
" Man! this floor is going to suck. Maybe I should just sleep in his bed tonight and leave him out here." - Curtis
" I sure hope that he doesn't snoar all night." - Curtis
Curtis tried to get comfortable
" Man this is really gonna suck!" - Curtis
To be continued
Poor Brody, I guess he really didn't realize how much he had to drink tonight. Curtis is a trooper for sleeping on a hard , wooden floor. If I was him I would have slept in Brody's bed but he wanted to keep an eye on Brody. Stay tuned for the conclusion.....


  1. Hello from Spain: Brody is wrong. Great hangover. Nice pictures. I really like your furniture. Keep in touch

    1. Marta

      Thanks for the comment. Brody needed to let loose and enjoy himself once in awhile. Curtis wasn't to happy that he had to babysit his friend.

  2. Curtis is a really good friend. I would have slept in Brody's bed, too. I love Curtis' boots.

    1. Curtis and Brody have been really good friends for along time now. I think that Curtis was afraid that Brody would fall of the couch. lol

  3. Wow, Curtis is pretty cool. I thought he was a bit of a bar fly but he's a good buddy to stay close to Brody like that. I've been in situations like that and just dumped the person on the floor with a towel under their head, lol.

    1. Curtis does like a good time but he does now when to be serious. Poor Brody, he is going to regret it in the morning.

  4. Hi William! I break with your tickets that laugh lol. Me a good friend who loved Brody, asin friends are very few. As simpre a perfect innings. A Kiss!!