Monday, September 23, 2013

Chapter 24...blowing off steam

  At Brody's apartment.........

Brody relaxing after returning from work. His cell phone chimes
" Hey Curtis whats up!" - Brody
" Yeah I can meet you there who else is going?'- Brody
" All right I should be there in about ten minutes." - Brody
Brody hangs up the phone and grabs his car keys off the table
Meanwhile at Club Craze........

Curtis meets up with Stephanie and Cory
" Hey guys I just got off the phone with Brody and he should be here in about ten minutes." - Curtis
" Awesome. We're gonna have some fun tonight." - Steph
" Yeah but your boyfriend should ditch the bills hat." - Curtis started to laugh
" Hey don't be haten on the bills now." - Cory
Brody arrives at the club and makes his way to join his friends...
" Well you decided to come out after all." - Curtis
" Yeah I thought I needed some down time with you guys." - Brody
" Well I still can't believe you actually came out. Every time we ask you its always the same answer even when you don't have your kid." -Curtis
" Yeah well tonight he is at my parents house and I'm gonna have some fun ." - Brody
" I'm definitely glad you decided to come out and to let off a little steam." Steph
" Me to it's been along time coming.By the way whats up with the hat Cory? - Brody
" Don't you start on me!" - laughed Cory
Brody approached the bar, " Can I have a couple of bottles of Coors light please." - Brody
" Sure coming right up." - James
" I'll get the next round since you are getting these." - Curtis
" Don't worry about it." - Brody
"Here you go two bottle nice and cold." - James
" Thanks." - Brody
Brody paid for the drinks and moved away from the bar to talk to Curtis ....
"Why ain't you drinking your drink." - Brody
" I will, I just wanted to slow down a little that's all." - Curtis
" You , slow down, that's a first for you!" - Brody
" Well the night is still young." - Curtis
"I thought I recognized you from across the bar, whats up guy." - Michael
" Oh hey Michael whats up. I didn't know you hung out here." - Brody
" Yeah well it's the only place that has really good near beer." - Michael
" That's right you don't drink the real stuff anymore"- Curtis
" Nope and I don't have to worry about hangovers either." - Michael
" Brody I didn't think that you drank anymore ." - Michael
"It's been awhile since I did but you live once right." - Brody
" I guess with all the  things you do like raising a kid, working a forty hour a week job and helping out at the center . I guess your entitled to have a break now and then." - Michael
"Cheers." - Brody clanked his bottle with Michael and Curtis
"Speaking about jobs, hows that new job coming along." - Curtis
" It's been a pain in the neck but its better then the last one I had." - Michael
" Are the hiring by chance, I know a buddy of mine is looking for work ." - Curtis
" I,m not sure but you can have him come in and fill out an application."- Michael
 If anyone is wondering Steph and Cory went to the dance floor while Curtis and Brody stayed at the bar. I didn't want anyone to have the impression that they left.I will have part to to this story up in a day or so so keep watching......


  1. Nice to see all the old friends hanging out together. "Near beer", I had to laugh out loud at that one. I like the Bills hat. Are you a Bills fan?

    1. vanessa,
      I thought near beer was apropriate for someone who doesn't drink real beer. Im actually don' really watch football but my sister is a bills fan so this is my way to pay tribute to her.

  2. That bar is having a booming business and I like how you are moving all the people in the background.

    1. Thanks. I really try to give it a realistic feel when i take the photos. Business is picking up at the club so we will be seeing more of it.