Saturday, September 14, 2013

Chapter 23 .....Coming home.

  Cho Kasugi boarded his flight

" Hello and welcome aboard flight 169, Can I help you find your seat." - Stewardess
" Hi, no thanks I think I can manage." - Cho
 Cho found his seat which was located in the first row of the cabin.
"I'm sorry , do you have enough arm room sir?" - Business woman
" Yes thank you." - Cho
"Well let me introduce myself, My name is  Nichelle." - Nichelle
" Nice to meet you , my name is Cho, Cho Kasugi." - Cho
" So....vacation or business trip." - Nichelle
" Going to visit my family in Utopia City." - Cho
" No kidding that's where I am headed. I serve on the city council there plus my daughter just adopted a little girl who I'm excited to see." - Nichelle
" My older brother and sister live there. I'm from Japan so this has been a pretty long flight." - Cho
" Japan! Wow that's along ways away. I bet your family is excited about you coming to see them." - Nichelle
" I hope and my brother haven't spoken in a few years." - Cho
" Excuse me please i need to get to my seat." - Passenger
" Oh sorry." - Nichelle
" They need to make these planes a little bigger." - Male Passenger
" A little bit bigger I think." - Nichelle
" You don't mind me asking but you're councilwoman Jones correct." - Male passenger
" Yes that's me." - Nichelle
" Nice to finally meet you my name is Robert." - Robert
" Like wise. Are you headed to Utopia city as well." - Nichelle
" As a matter of fact I am. I just got a job there." - Robert
" Doing what may I ask." - Nichelle
" I got hired onto the advisory board  to Saint Judas hospital in Utopia City." - Robert
" My friend over here is also is going to the city as well." - Nichelle
The stewardess stood at the front of the cabin," Ladies and gentle men please fasten your seat belts and prepare for take off." - Stewardess
The stewardess went over all the emergency procedures to the passenger
 " Once we have reached our flight altitude the captain will turn of the seat belt sign and you will be free to move around the cabin. Please if there are any passengers on board with small children we ask that you accompany them.. and once again thank you for flying United Airlines." - Stewardess
The passengers sat back into their seats and prepared themselves for take off.
The End
Well the airplane cabin didn't turn out the way I wanted it to but it has served it's purpose. I plan on adding more seats in the near future and the nice thing is that it can be taken apart quickly. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What I can see of the airplane cabin looks great, William. I like how you convey the sense of an enclosed space by the dropped ceiling in the first photo. The door to the pilot's cabin (?) - I'm not sure where that area goes to, not a flying person myself - could or need not be elaborated further. I love the windows showing blue yet slightly cloudy skies.

    Applause for another clever and fun diorama.

    Oh, and how could I forget the dialogue. Good storytelling, too.


    1. D7ana

      Thanks for the comments. It took me awhile to create this set but it was worth it. The door behind the stewardess was suppose to lead to the cockpit.

  2. Hi William, Congratulations on your new diorama, is very realistic sensanción be transmitted within a plane. That to talk to each other without knowing haha I feel great. Good luck with the new modification you want to do to this plane, I'm sure that you will be super good. A kiss from a girl who loves your blog from a tiny point of Spain.

    1. Karmen

      Thank you for the comments. I thought that i can break the ice with my characters being introduced. Hope you keep watching.

  3. Your airplane dio looks amazing! I love your characters, you really have an awesome collection.

    1. Thank you Tracy.
      I have been greatly inspired by several blogs thati have been reading. Creating scenes has been a chellenge but very fun!

  4. I love your airplane dio! And, as someone who used to fly a lot, that complaint about the seats is appropriate.

  5. I think this was just excellently executed! You even have the air knobs in the ceiling! Wow - I am VERY impressed.

    1. Thanks Muff
      I wanted to do more with the plane scene but didnt have the time to . I plan on adding more to it for future use and one of the dioramas that i have planned will be totally mindblowing so wish me luck!

  6. Great job on the plane. Nice photostory.

  7. Awesome job on your plane! Love all the details and it's very well constructed. I love the seats. And Cho is awfully cute. Great story, too.