Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chapter 22 - Dinner is served

 At the restaurant                                                                                              
Back at the restaurant the waitress brought Steph and Corys food to their table
" This looks absolutely yummy"- Steph
" Yeah it does. You should have gotten the baked potatoe like I did." - Cory
" Next time  perhaps." - Steph
Mark approaches the table
" Hey guys, its nice to see that you guys finally decided to stop in." - Mark
"Hi Mark. This place is awsome and the food is outstanding." - Steph
" It definately  hit the spot." - Cory
 " I'm glad you guys like it. The place needs some more decor but hey that comes in time right." - Mark
" Well I love it. How is Karen doing? I haven't heard from here in a while." - Steph
" She is doing good. She just got a job working for some big time politition. I'll tell her to give you a call." - Mark
" Thanks and let her know that I am planning a suprise birthday party for my friend Brody. I know she would want to go and you are invited to." - Steph
" Cool, If you would excuse me there is something I have to attend to." - Mark
Mark returns to the table  carrying his guitar with him. Mark starts to sing a beautiful song in his native tongue of sicilian.
Mark finished his song," That was a love song written years ago by one of my favorite singers." - Mark
" Oh my gosh that was beautiful, thank you so very much." - Steph
" Don't thank me thank your boyfriend over there." - Mark smiled
" You arranged this all along didn't you." - Steph
 " I wanted to let you know how special you are to me and I love you very much." - Cory
Steph starts to tear up," I can't believe you did this for me. I love you so much." - Steph
" Lets say we paint the town and go hit the dance floor." - Cory
" Ok, let me go to the ladies room to freshen up before we leave." - Steph
" Alright  I'll get the bill." - Cory
Both of them finished up their meal  and then they both headed to kraze .
At the club dancing the night away.
Back at their apartment................
" I hope that you enjoyed tonight." - Cory
" Yes I did very much, Thank you for doing this for me tonight I really needed it.' - Steph
" Oh the night isn't over just yet." - Cory
Cory swoops Stephanie off of her feet and carried her towards the bedroom
Stephanie starts to giggle.... " This is going to be fun." - Steph


  1. Hello from Spain: I like Mark with his guitar. The dinner is very romantic. I like the happy ending. You have a great furniture. Keep in touch

    1. Marta
      Thanks for the comments. Some of the tables and chairs are made by me. Cory and Steph had a great time.

  2. That was sweet of Corey. I loved seeing them on the dance floor. This was the perfect date. Dinner, dancing, and romance. What more can a girl ask for?

    1. Cory does have a romatic side to him which is why I think Steph loves him so much for. The more I use this couple the more I love them.

  3. Such a sweet and romantic episode!

    1. Yeah i thought that Steph deserved a little pampering now and then plus Cory is a true romantic at heart. Now he just needs to pop the big question.