Sunday, September 8, 2013

Chapter 21 .........Out on the town.

  Cory and Steph decided to go out on the town and their first stop was to visit Marks new restaurant which just opened a few days ago.

" Wow this place is pretty nice." - Steph
" Well it definitely beats the fast food places that we have been to." - Cory
" I hope they have a table available for us. I definitely don't want fast food." - Steph
" Good evening, just two tonight." - Host
" Yes." - Cory
" Please follow me." - Host
Cory and Steph  made their way to their table.
" Here let me help you." - Cory
" You're such a romantic." - giggles Steph
"Blame my father for that one." - Cory
Cory and Steph noticed the Mayor and his wife were also having dinner here.
" Hello my name is Raquel and I'll be your waitress for tonight. Can I start you off with something to drink." - Raquel
" Sure I will have a glass of water with lemon please." - Steph
"And I will have a glass of red wine." - Cory
"Coming right up." - Raquel
Both of them looked over the menu
" Wow there is so much to choose from." - Steph
" Yeah but I definitely  getting the grilled chicken." - Cory
" That does sound pretty good." - Steph
The waitress returned with their drinks and they placed their order
" I really hope that we get to see Mark tonight and congratulate him on the opening of his new restaurant." - Steph
" Yeah  but I hope that he puts a little more color in the place eventually." - Cory
" Maybe we can help him with the color choices." - Cory
" Don't be rude Cory. Maybe he will change it down the road." - Steph
" I'm not trying to be rude its just it definitely needs a little something." - Cory
" Well  I really like this place. Mark did a nice job with the decor. I absolutely love the crystal chandelier they have here." - Steph
To Be continued...........
I wanted to do a restaurant scene  for awhile now so I pieced this together kinda quickly. I am definitely going to be adding more to the place in the near future.


  1. Hello from Spain: I like this resturant. Also the food menu is very real. Much realism in this story. Great job. I like the outfit that Cory and Steph are wearing. Keep in touch

  2. Marta
    Thank you for the kind comment! I wanted this chapter to be more realitic then normal. I think Steph thought she might be underdressed.

  3. Nice to see Cory and Steph out on a date. Love seeing the other new characters, too.

    1. Vanessa -
      I am currently working on a story that will introduce a couple new people. Steph loved the place but I don't think Cory cared for all that white.

  4. Hi William. I write from Spain. I loved your post you left a restaurant to divine. I'm working now in an Italian restaurant, aver that such I get .... A kiss.

    1. Hi Carmen
      Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words.

  5. Yeah, don't be rude, Cory! I think the place looks very lovely. I like the white!

    1. Muff
      I guess Cory wants something more masculine. I was going to try to paint the walls but haven't had the time.