Thursday, August 29, 2013

A couple of updates

 I am nearly finished with the next segment of my story but I just wanted to share this little update with you. I finally broke down and went to my local Target to see what they had in the Barbie isle and low and behold they had these beauties.

                     I was like a little kid in a candy store when I saw these. Target had allot of the life in the dream house dolls but I didn,t see Nikki or Ken but I already bought Ken when I was at walmart nearly a week ago.I decided to pick up a fashionista so I could re body a doll that I already had plus she was only 8 dollars. The Batman doll was a toss up because I didn't want  to spend 40 bucks for him but I loved the costume so I decided to bring him home with me.
                He was cheaper then what Toys r us was selling him for. . I will probably do something with the Ken doll eventually but i now have a costume I can use for this years Halloween party. Can you guys see Brody wearing this ( if it fits him) lol they had the Cat woman doll to but I will see if she goes on sale before I buy her.I did pick up some Monster high dolls from Toys r Us also but haven't got around to taking them out of the bag yet. Well that's it for now.
                     Here is something that I was working on . I decided to make Brody a new couch . I loved how this turned out because it has very large pillows  which is better then sitting on that hard plastic. I plan on making a matching chair to go with it.  Doesn't he look more comfortable. He did donate his other couch .


  1. Super nice sofa! That throw pillow is nice too. Congrats on your new dolls!

  2. Hi William. And I love your blog. Got tickets wonderful. I also I have those dolls you seem very real. I subscribe to not miss anything, haha. I invite you to my blog a kiss.

  3. Congrats on your new buys. Brody looks very comfy in that new gorgeous sofa. Great job!