Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chapter 20 ......Grandma's visit prt 2


" How is dad doing! I haven't called him lately so I might as well ask you since you see him all the time." - Brody
" Well he's been pretty busy with work and we are planning our  30th wedding anniversary so he's been well." - Ellen
 " Well let him know that grandparents day is coming up at Braden's school and I would like it if he went to it." - Brody
" Oh he will be there trust me, he won't have a choice in the matter." - Ellen winked
 " I spoke to your brother last night and I guess he's gong to be moving back to town in a few weeks. He got a new job which brings him back  closer to home so now I'll have both of my sons here." - Ellen
" That's cool as long as he doesn't bring back that annoying girlfriend of his..what was her name again?" - Brody
" Now Brody , you were raised better then to gossip about anyone especially your brother's love interests!" - Ellen
" Sorry ma, I just thought he could have done better thats all." - Brody
" Well still." - Ellen
Ellen laid Braden onto her lap.
" Well my little munchkin Nana is going to be going soon so I  thinks that you should go and get dressed." - Ellen
" Ok Nana ." - Braden
 Ellen begins to tickle Braden, "I'm gonna get that tummy."
Braden giggles as his grandma tickles him, " More Nana."
Braden went into his room to get dressed and Ellen was ready to leave
" It was really good to see you Brody and you and Braden need to come over more often ." - Ellen
" We will. I'll probably give you a call later to tell you  more about grandparents day at Braden's school." - Brody
" Ok, that sounds good." Ellen gives Brody a hug," Talk to you soon, Love you." - Ellen
" Love you to mom. I'll give Braden a hug for you." - Brody
Ellen left Brody's apartment. Brody really enjoyed seeing his parents. Brody noticed Braden left puppy on the couch. Puppy was one of brody's toys when he was growing up.
" We definitely need to give you a bath my friend!" - Brody


  1. Aww, this was so sweet! I like the relationship between everyone.

    1. Thanks Muff. I have really taken to Brody and his family more then most of my other characters that bad? Lol.

  2. Hehehe, I just love Brody, a good guy, a good dad, a good son... and handsome to boot! How could I not love him???

    1. I know right! This is why I decided to bring him back because he's the type of guy that every girl dreams of, a responsable father, dedicated son and yes very handsome indeed.

  3. Who is that Barbie? - she have amazing face!

    1. Brody's mom is the Erica Cane doll from Mattel. She was released a few years back and still can be found on ebay.