Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chapter 19......Grandma's visit

  Braden was sleeping comfortably in his bed when he heard a familiar voice out in the living room.

" Grandma's here!" - Braden
Braden pulled the covers off of himself and jumped to the floor.
" Don't worry puppy I'll catch you." - Braden
" Time for you to meet my grandma puppy." - Braden
 Braden pulled his puppy closer and made his way to the living room.
Meanwhile in the living room......
" Thank you for making me this latte. Your father never could get it right." - Ellen
" No problem. If jack is bothering you just put him on the floor." - Brody
" Oh he's no trouble at all. I think he wants some of my latte." - Ellen giggled
" Nana, i knew it was you i heard." - Braden
" There is my little sleepy head." - Brody
" And he brought his little puppy with him to." - Ellen
"Braden come give your grandma a big hug." - Ellen reached out her arms
" Can puppy get one to." - Braden
" Of course he can if he wants one." - Ellen
Ellen picks Braden up," Boy you need to stop growing! "
" I want to be big as daddy." - Braden
" Well that will come in time now where is my hug at." - Ellen
Ellen hugs Braden tightly.
" I love your hugs Nana." - Braden
" I love yours to! You are getting so good at it." - Ellen
Ellen sets her grandson on her lap.
" Braden are you hungry." - Brody
" A little bit." - Braden
" Can Nana make me some pancakes!" - Braden
" I'll make you pancakes when you are at my house ok." - Ellen
" OK." - Braden
To Be Continued........
Well i finished Braden's bedroom . I got the inspiration from Vanessa to make a Disney bedroom since i had some Disney stuff hanging around. I made most of his furniture including his lamp which was a pain in the butt to do but i like how it turned out. I did make two chairs which turned out ok. I do have to paint the legs on these which willmake them look nicer. ( See pic below) Ok now onto my next project which is going to be a huge one so wish me luck.  Thanks for looking.
New chairs. Legs will be repainted.



  1. Okay, Braden's room is so adorable and I love the lamp.

    The chairs you are working on are also cool! Can we get a tutorial?

    1. Thanks muff! Actually i just used the tutorial from froggy stuff and just added a little more to the chairs like the felt. I plan on making more chairs as soon as i come up with more cardboard. braden loves his room. Hopefully he keeps it clean!

  2. Love his bedroom! You did a wonderful job on that lamp and the chairs. The living room is nice and cozy, and Grandma is looking awfully cute. Thanks for the shout out, and I'm looking forward to your next project.

    Now if you don't start capitalizing those 'i's, I'm going to come over there and lovingly strangle you. LOL. Lowercase i, does not exist in the English language.

    1. Thanks. Its kinda fun now that I found inspiration to make stuff again. I really want to thank you and Muff because you guys have inspired me to see what i can do!


  3. I think that Winnie the Pooh lamp is supercute!! I love all the little details you've added to the rooms, for example Braden's drawings and the pencil, papers and envelope or the spoon and mobile phone on the table in the living room...

    I like the chairs, too! Great job! I don't have enough doll room for my stories so I have to try to make more big furnitures for them :) I've made a patio chair with the help of MyFroggyStuff and I think the result is fine. (You can see it here:

    Don't you plan a biography for your characters? I would like to read it very much! :)

    1. Hi Rosemary
      Thank you for the kind words. I want to eventually do Bios for all my characters but i am still mapping out some of them.