Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chapter thirteen....Marks new job

 Well last time we saw mark he wanted to open a restaurant up but hasn't had any success yet so he applied for a job at the local gym as a front desk assistant.

" Hmmm!..OK computer be nice today." - Mark
" Excuse me! Do you sell day passes here!" - Matt
" Unfortunately we don't offer day passes." - Mark
" Oh!, well can i sign up  for a membership?" - Matt
" You sure can and there is no joiners fee ." - Mark
" All I'm gonna need from you is some information and then you will be all set." - Mark
" Does this gym have a basketball court by chance?" - Matt
" Yes it does." - Mark
" Sweet!  sign me up!" - Matt
" OK First I'm gonna need some information from you." - Mark
" Sure." - Matt
Mark finishes putting Matts information into the computer
" Our facility also has a weight room , pool and racket ball courts also." - Mark
" Awesome! I'll definitely be visiting the swimming pool. Do you have a Sauna or whirlpool ?" - Mark
" We have both , the Sauna is located in the pool room and the whirl pool is in the men's locker room." - Mark
" You're all set.  You can start using the facility today if you want." - Mark
" Yes..thanks and where can I get a basketball." - Matt
" Here you go." - Mark handed him a ball.
" The basketball court is right down  the hallway on your right hand side and the men's locker room is located through that door on the left. If you plan on using the lockers make sure you put a lock on it."- Mark
" Thanks! I did bring my own lock so i think I'm good." - Matt
 Matt turned and started towards the hallway.
" Hey...did you need a towel!" - Mark yelled
Matt was already down the hall and into the basketball court.
Well this chapter went together pretty well and i got to introduce Matt to every one.  The front desk needs a little more added to it but it workout for now. I plan on creating a weight room, Yoga studio and the men's locker room for future stories.


  1. I thought it looked great! Love this dio and the character's dialogue. I look forward to seeing all the other rooms.

    1. Thanks Ms Leo
      I have the weightroom dio almost done and the yoga room will be easy to put together once i find all the right things i want to put into it!

  2. Love that you are using a box for the desk and that you made your own towels!

    1. Thanks muff i learned from the best! :)

  3. Love the little story... and your set is fantastic... the details like the cork board behind him, and the simplicity, yet elegance of the desk and towels... awesome job!

  4. Loved the dio. It gives off just the right gym vibe. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the gym.