Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chapter Fourteen.....lift!

   After playing a basketball for an hour Matt decided to get some strength training in. The wright room wasn't to busy so he could get a good work out in!

Matt moved toward the flat bench where Jeremy was sitting, " Excuse me, are you almost finished!"- Matt
" Actually I'm done so its all yours!" - Jeremy
" Thanks!" - Matt
Matt laid down onto the bench and prepped himself to start chest pressing.
" Hey Todd , Did you see the game last night!" - Jeremy
" No , I took the wife out to diner last night!" - Todd
" Well you missed an awesome game! The home team shut them out!" - Jeremy
" Oh Man that sucks and i missed it!" - Todd
" Did you guys see the Whirlpool is closed today!" - Hank
" What! I was looking forward to using it!" - Todd
" I guess the water was to cold so they had to shut it down." - Hank
" Bummer!" - Jeremy
Matt finished his sets on the weight bench. He felt a little sore
Jeremy approached Matt, " Man you killed it on the bench!" - Jeremy
" Thanks , its been awhile since I've benched!" - Matt
" Well you really couldn't tell. Your form was spot on!"-Jeremy
" By the way I'm Jeremy and those two guys over there are Todd and Hank!- Jeremy
" Nice to meet you..I'm Matt." - Matt
" Did you come from shooting hoops!"- Jeremy
" Yeah i play here and there !" Matt
" My goal is to play professionally!" - Matt
" I can see you definitely have the height advantage!" - Jeremy
" I guess!" - Matt
" Yeah well I'm to short to play so i don't even bother with it!" - Jeremy
" Holy crap that guy is huge!" - Matt
" Yeah that's Arnold. he is a professional body builder. Really cool guy though!" -Jeremy
" He looks like he could bench me!" - Matt
Matt and Jeremy watched Arnold pick up the bar that hank was lifting with and began to arm curl it
" Now that's impressive!" - Jeremy
" His arms are huge!" - Matt
" Yeah they are twice the size of mine!" - Jeremy
" It would take me forever to get arms like that!" - Matt
Both men continued to watch Arnold curl.


  1. I love your blog William. Very realistic and these gym sessions are really cool. Makes me want to go gym now. I think the Duke of Swann should become a member of your gym.

    1. Thanks! the Duke would be an honored member at this gym!

  2. Love your episodes William and you're so amazing at making your own sets and diorama items. Very inspiring!

  3. Excellent gym! I love all your dolls. They really do look like the actors.

  4. Great gym! Loved it. It's always nice to see your men. When you get this message, please send me an email. I need to discuss something with you.