Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chapter twelve......"Yes Mother!"

 Cory was relaxing at his apartment when the door bell rings......

" Mother......This is a surprise!" - Cory
" Yes well I  was concerned so I had to come immediately."- Jane
" Concerned!" - Cory looked surprised
" Yes...very!" - Jane
" OK mother I am very confused right now." - Cory
" Well we need to sit down and talk about this." - Jane
" OK ...I'm glad to see you." - Cory
" So are you going to tell me what this is all about!" - Cory
" Well a couple of days ago Faith called and was very concerned about you and your relationship with Melisa." -Jane
Cory smacks his forehead," I can only imagine what she has told you!"
" Well I'm not to happy with what she has said. I just don't understand why you and her just couldn't work out your differences! She still loves you!" -Jane
" OK mother we are not going to be doing this right now.  I have given her and our marriage several chances but it just wasn't working." - Cory
" She has told me that you haven't been spending quality time with Melisa! I mean I know that you and her are having issues but you still have to think about your daughter and how she is being effected by all this!" - Jane
" Mother I have tried to be nice to her but when she uses my daughter to be a wedge between me and Steph then that's where I draw the line.-Cory
" Speaking about Steph where is she!" - Jane
" She is spending the day with her mother today." - Cory
" I was planning on picking up Melisa this weekend and spending it with her but Faith decided to take her out of town for the weekend so that blew that plan." -Cory
" Did you even try to call Faith and see if she would be willing to leave her here!" - Jane
" Yes mother I did but she told me that she had plan this weeks ago. She knew that I get her on the weekends and funny she calls you and tells you that I don't spend quality time with my daughter!" - Cory
" All I know is that you need to think about how this is effecting Melisa's life and what she needs is two parents getting along. Do her and Stephanie get along?" - Jane
" Of course they do and Steph adores her! She spends as much time with her as she can, taking her places." - Cory
Jane looks at Cory with a serious intense look.
Cory hears a knock at the door....." Come in"
" I'm sorry for disturbing you ma'am but we need to get you to your appointment on time!" -Limo driver
" OK I'll be right there!" - Jane
Cory walks his mother to the door
" Well I have to go but we will finish this discussion at another time." - Jane
" I think that this conversation is over as far as I am concerned!" - Cory
" I know that you are a grown man but you are still my son and worry about you and your future." - Jane
" Thank you mother for being concerned but I can handle my own life!" - Cory
" All right Heinz I'm ready to leave" - Jane
" Yes ma'am! Good to see you again Mr Cory!" - Heinz
" Same here! Well good bye mother." - Cory
Cory hugs his mother goodbye and could see the irritation in his mothers eyes
((Shuts the door))
" Is this ever going to end!" -Cory


  1. Wow, he has got a hot mama! LOL, but anyway, great story! Mothers always have to get involved especially when there are grandbabies.

    Did you make that desk? I like it!

    1. muff- Thanks ! Grandmas are exactly like that!Corys mom can be a little overbearing sometimes! Yes i did make the desk! Watching froggy stuff videos has helped me come up with several different projects. Since alot of doll furniture isnt really fit to scale and pink i thought i would try my hand in creating my own!:)

  2. Poor Cory! His mother is such a busy body, but her heart is in the right place this time!