Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chapter 15...meeting places

  Stephs dad called her and asked her to meet him at the local coffee shop which was a few blocks from her apartment. Steph hasn't really been spending enough time with him so this was going to be nice.

As soon as Steph entered, she noticed that the place was packed full of college students who hang out here allot when they are not in class
Steph looked around to see if she could spot her dad.
Finally her dad found her.
" Hi honey its good to see you!" - Paul
" Hi daddy! Have you been waiting long!" - Steph
" No I  just got here a couple of minutes ago." - Paul
Steph hugged her dad, " Its so nice that we can finally sit and chat for a bit!" - Steph
"Its nice that our schedules were not that busy today!" -Paul
" Its a little crowded today don't you think!' - steph
" Its OK i got us a table right over there!" - Paul
After both of them got their coffees they made their way to the table that Paul  suggested.
" How is work going!" - Steph
" You know same thing just different day.I hired a new assistant which is a god send because I've been swamped with clients!" -Paul
" How is life going for you !" - Paul
" Its been good. Cory has been working more hours where he works and I've been busy helping out my friend Karen with her catering business so  that's been keeping me busy." - Steph
" Did you talk to your mother lately!" - Paul
" Actually i did,I  saw her yesterday ." - Steph
" Did she tell you that she might be going back to the law firm!" - Paul
" No she didn't! When did she decide to do this!" - Steph
" A week ago,  we talked about it and she was pretty adamant about it!" - Paul
" That would be great for her!She was always good at her job! I'm so happy for her!" - Steph
" So am I! She was or should I say is a awesome defence lawyer !'' - Paul
" Did she find a firm to join !" - Steph
" No, she wants to start her own firm!" - Paul
As Steph continued her talk with her dad , a familiar face approached the table
" Hey Steph!" - Jake
" Hi Jake, whats up!" - Steph
" Not much just getting some coffee and then I'm heading home!" - Jake
Jake is a good friend of Corys.
" The coffee here is very good! Jake this is my dad Paul, Dad this is Jake. You should join us for a bit!" - Steph
" I wish i could but i got to get running. It was great to see you again!" - Jake
"Come on only for a few!" - Steph


  1. I love the Stephanie character, she's my favorite. I think I missed an episode, is she no longer married?

    1. Tracy india
      I was going to have her be married but i decided to go back to how i had her character when i first introduced her. She is one of my favorites to and developing her character has been a challenge at times!

  2. I'm surprised Jake approached the table with another man there. She could have been out on a date. Another great dio. Love the first picture the best with all the college kids in the background.