Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chapter 17...The past is the past.


" What are you doing  here! I thought you left town for good!" - Steph
" Steph, I miss you! I really want to see you again and see if we could start all over!" - Mike
" Mike , It's been six years and I moved on with my life  and I think you should do the same!" - Steph
" How can i when i think about you all the time!Steph I know i made some bad choices but i really changed! Let me prove it please!"  - Mike
" I know that i was a jerk to you but can we just talk over a cup of coffee! ." - Mike
" Its been six years Mike! Things have changed. I am with someone that i love dearly and i don't feel the same way towards you anymore. " - Steph
" Are you saying that you are totally over me!" - Mike
" Yes i am! You really hurt me Mike." - Steph
" Can we just sit and talk about this! I know once tell you how everything would be different...... " - Mike
Stephanie was becoming annoyed and tried to leave.
" No we can't! Now if you would please excuse me I'm late!" - Steph
" You're being unfair you know that! I come all this way to try to make things right again and this is how you treat me!" - Mike throwing his hands up
" It's called growing up and moving on! Maybe you should try it!" - Steph
" I guess this is goodbye then!" - Mike
Stephanie decided to no longer respond to him.
Mike just stood there watching her leave.
" Talk about a man being left in the cold! Don't you worry Stephanie! You loved me once and I'm not going to give up so easily! haven't seen the last of me me!" - Mike
Oh no it looks like Stephanie is going to have her hands full now. Well  that concludes this episode. On a minor note, I have been busy creating Brody's kitchen which is coming along nicely . I finished the stove and I will be working on the fridge today. I also added some things to  his bedroom so I'll be posting pictures of that later. I haven't started making Braden's bedroom yet but that is on my to do list for Thursday!  I am planning an interesting scenario which is going to involve Brody and his love life so watch for this in future episodes. Thanks for looking! :)


  1. Oh man, Mike is pushy... I don't think I like him very much!

    1. Makes you wonder what Steph saw in him! I think that he might be trouble!

  2. Wow, Mike is kinduva d-word! What a pushy jerk. 6 years later? Please, that ship sailed and left him at the pier.

    What actor is that doll supposed to be? He looks so familiar, but I cant remember the guys name.

    1. Stephanie feels the same way that you do! The action figure playing mike is Channing Tatum!

  3. Poor Steph. Nothing like a stalker to just ruin your day. I hope he doesn't go overboard. This could get ugly.