Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chapter 16.......Family gathering

A few minutes later Stephs mom arrives at the cafe.
" Sorry i,m late I had to talk to a couple people at the courthouse!" - Sarah
" Did everything work out OK!" - Paul
" Of course silly!" - Sarah smirked
" Well Steph I really need to get going but it was nice meeting all of you!" -Jake
" Same here"- Paul replied
Paul left the group and finished his running around
" So are you ready to take me to lunch!" - Sarah
" Of course beautiful. Steph you can join us if you like!" - Paul
" Thanks but no I have to run to the bank then pic up a few things for the house ." - Steph
" Then I'll issue  you a rain check how does that sound." - Paul
" Perfect!" - Steph
Paul moved over to Steph to give her a hug," Don't be such a stranger!" - Paul
" I won't i promise!" - Steph
" All right  lets go pig out on some lunch!" - Paul
Sarah rolled her eyes.
" Did you get the job!" - Paul
" Of course! Did you think that I wouldn't!" - Sarah giggled
" Are you kidding! I was worried that you would have changed your mind!" - Paul
" Lets just go eat!" - Sarah
Meanwhile back at Stephs table
" Hmm I wonder who is texting me now!" - Steph
She looked down at her phone and smiled
" That little brat! " Steph smiled
Steph picked up her stuff and headed towards the door reading her messages that she recently have received.
" Hello Steph!" - Stranger
" Oh my god what are you doing here!" - Steph


  1. Sarah was in the courthouse in that outfit? My oh my. No wonder she got the job. She seems very indifferent towards her daughter. She's acting more like a stepmom than an actual mom. I love Steph's handbag. Every time I see that bag, I want it. LOL.

    1. Vanessa,
      Sarah changed her outfit before going to the coffee shop! I dont think she would come out of retirement wearing that to get a job! LOL

  2. Hahaha, I was going to say... Sarah really works it when interviewing XD

    And my oh my, a mysterious stranger XD

  3. Hello William!

    Your blogspot is fantastic! And your figures collection... I am speechless!! :) I love it!