Thursday, August 15, 2013

Brodys new bedroom lay out and short story

 As I mentioned in my last blog posting that i decided to spruce up Brody's bedroom. Here are some pics of his bedroom upgrades.

New artwork on the walls
I added a window with curtains to make  his room look more relaxing!
A new nightstand to match his new bed!
Here is a picture of his new bed. I decided to keep the bedding the way it was.
All of the furniture you see in this room was created by your truly! using simple things can go along way when you need furniture.
Brody went into his bedroom and decided to finally make his bed and to tidy up the room a little.
As brody laid on his new bed, he thought of getting new furniture for his kitchen.
""Ring...Ring". Brodys cellphone went off and slightly startled Brody.
"Who is calling me now!" - Brody says quietly to himself
Brody picks up his phone and looks at the number on the small screen , " Hello....Oh hey whats up." - Brody
" Not much i'm laying here on my bed relaxing right now." - Brody
" What are you doing right now?"-Brody
" That sounds like fun." - brody replied jokingly
" There is no way i can make it tonight but i can definately make it this weekend." - Brody
 " Definately, I want to meet you as well!"- Brody
" Awsome I can't waite as well." - Brody
" Sweet , I have to get going but I can call you later if you would like... .Ok I'll talk to you later...Bye." - Brody
Brody noticed Braden  standing by the door," Hey squirt." - Brody
" Daddy I'm hungry." - Braden
"Hungry! I made you pancakes a half hour ago!" - Brody
" Can i watch my favorite movie?" -Braden
" You left it over at grandma and papas house." - Brody
" Is uncle Curtis coming over today." - Braden
" I'm not sure, he said he would try to stop bye today, why? ." - Brody
" He promised to take me in his cop car." - Braden
Brody picks Braden up , " Don't worry, uncle Curtis will take you in his car but first I have a suprise for you." - Brody
" Yeay......what , what?" - Braden
Brody lays Braden down on the bed, "This...attack of the tickle moster oh no!"  - Brody
" Tickle monster!....eeeeeeeeeee!" - Braden
 Brody continues to tickle braden.
The End
I just love these two. I just wish that bradens body had more articulation . Mattel needs to make a body for the kids as well but given their size that might be a challenge for them. I read somewhere that Mattel were releasing a couple new kid dolls this year.

    I really want these two because i think they are adorable plus the boy looks like an older version of Brayden.


  1. That room is awesome! You are really working duct tape and producing some nice pieces.

    Those dolls in the last photo are really cute! I haven't seen that before.

    1. Thanks Muff. I was never to fond of doll furniture from mattel because one it was always pink and two not scaled to barbies size so i thought i would make my own! Duct tape works wonders!

  2. Love the room. That's the perfect bedspread and the kid pictures are a nice touch. Glad to see these two together again.

    1. Yeah i thought Brody would like more of the neutral tones then anything to extravagent!

  3. So who was on the phone? Maybe a lady? Can't wait to see the next installment. I also love your dios. Oh, I hope we see those kids in the last photo soon. I have seen a couple of other pictures of them, but not as clear and only from Europe. Hope they will be in the US.

    1. Phyllis
      I am building up a story with Brody so keep watching, it's going to get good!

  4. I just love Brody and Braden, cutest little family ever. Brody's room suits him perfectly and I love the dresser piece you made. Not only is Mattel's stuff not scaled and too pink, it's over priced! I think you do a much better job that the manufactured stuff, in my opinion.

    1. Thank you Tracy. I wish that Mattel made better furniture but they wont because they cater to little girls. Alot of how I make my furniture I learned from watching youtube vids.