Saturday, July 20, 2013

missing pieces

 Hi everyone
                   I just thought i would update you guys on whats been going on with my doll world as of late. Well first off I've been in a creative funk for the past three weeks because I've been looking at old doll photos of my previous story and have found myself really missing some of the characters that i have developed and it kinda got me in this rut!  When i first started to blog about my dolls i was going into something new and exciting and over the past few years its become larger then i expected it.  I have been following several other blogs to keep my motivation up but its been really tough to do .
       I am thinking about going back to the beginning and refocusing on the characters that i have some to know and love and see where i can take them next but also developed some new characters along the way. One thing is that i have to stop buying so many dolls because i have well over 400 dolls and figures and half of them sit in containers waiting to be brought into my story and i have several dolls that haven't even made it out of the box yet!  Thanks for listening to my little rant about my doll world and please feedback would be much appreciated!


  1. Hi William. I understand how you feel. So many dolls, so little time. I say follow your heart. If it is with your original characters, focus there. We love seeing your new characters, but I personally, miss seeing Brody. When I feel overwhelmed and out of sorts, I just try to take some time to clear my mind and refocus.

    1. Vanessa- Thank you for the kind words! i to missed Brody and his son alot! i thought by restarting my story i could start new and fresh but i didnt take it in concideration the characters that i allready developed and came to adore!

  2. William, take your time and go through your collection. It's the perfect time to work towards the collection you want. I'm going through my collection and letting the unloved go.
    I miss seeing Brody but he can make a few cameos :-)

  3. I liked your new characters too, but have also missed Brody and company too. Maybe you could incorporate both -- you know, the story within the story! Whatever you decide to do, go with your heart, I will enjoy your stories and dios either way!

  4. Thanks everyone who replied! I to missed brody and yesterday i did a small little story that i will post soon. When i photographed him i was like revisiting an old friend once more! I plan on using him more and i have a huge idea planned for him as well