Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chapter nine....newbie in town

      Blake is settling into his new apartment.
Blake and his friend Danny finished bringing in the last boxes that where from the moving truck .
" This box goes into the living room," - Blake
"Where do you want this box at ?" - Danny
" It's a living room box , just put it over on the chair." -Blake
" For someone who lives alone you sure have allot of stuff." - Danny
" Some of this stuff belonged to my brother who decided to help me out." - Blake
" Yeah well,  you still have to much stuff!" - Danny
" There is only a couple more boxes in the truck." - Danny
" OK." - Blake
Blake comes back upstairs with another box to find Danny chilling on the couch..
" Relaxing on the job already." - Blake
" Yep! I carried allot  up  four flights of stairs ." - Danny
" Seriously!" - Blake frowned
Blake drops the box he was carrying on top of Danny
"Ooooffff!!!" - Danny
" Lucky for you this box doesn't have anything breakable in it." - Blake
" Oh yeah!" - Danny jumped to his feet
Playing around Danny grabbed Blake and tried to put him in a head lock but both boys fell onto the couch laughing.
" You are such a bonehead." - Blake
" Man  I had you! " - Danny
" Yeah right! How about we finish bringing up the rest of the boxes and then get some pizza or something." - Blake
" Now that sounds like a plan." - Danny
 Danny finished helping his friend Blake move the rest of his things into his new apartment.
Hi guys just wanted to give you a little update and to introduce  Blake to you. I ordered his head about a week ago from cotsworld and it arrived the other day and it took me a couple of days to figure out his character.

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  1. I always enjoy seeing your new guys. The old ones too, for that matter. Nice to see a new post.