Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chapter ten....Super heros!

  Saturday Morning

Brody and Braden  decided to spend the day watching cartoons and get some work done .
"Daddy ....Super friends is up next..YIPPEE!" - Braden
" Yeah, do you want your pillow so you can lay on the floor with puppie." - Brody
" No that's OK I'll just sit." - Braden
"Well you better not tell me your butt hurts later." - Brody
" I need to turn it down a little because daddy has work he has to do on his laptop!" -Brody
" Oh daddy! your funny!" - Braden
Brody heard the doorbell ring, " Who the heck can this be this early in the morning!" -Brody
"Hey Bro whats up." - Curtis
" Wow this is early for you to be over here..let me guess, they put you on first shift." -Brody
" Yeah they did which bites but hey its only for two weeks." - Curtis
" I ran into your dad mom and dad last night at Charley's. I heard their wedding anniversary is coming up, they were married a long time huh!" - Curtis
" Yeah they were married for nearly 30 years!" - Brody
" Hi uncle Curtis...did you come over to watch Super friends with me and my daddy!" -Brayden
" Well  , I can only watch a little bit of it but i have to go catch some bad guys myself!" - Curtis
" Can i go to? I can be your partner !" - Brayden
" Not this time little man. When you get a little bigger then I'll take you out with me sometime" - Curtis
"Aah man!...When I grow up I'm gonna be like you and papa and catch bad guys to!" - Brayden
" You'll make a really good superhero someday." -Brody
" And maybe you can show uncle Curtis some of your moves later." - Curtis
" Yippee!!!" - Braden
                       I am so glad that i decided to put some old friends back into my story. I missed these guys allot so i thought i would combine the two ideas that I  had. Brody is back in his old apartment which is really nice and i am probably going to find Ricky another apartment to live in. I did give Brody  darker eyebrows because I thought it would match his hair color. Next on my agenda is to make Brayden a bedroom so this should be fun. I know that he loves superheros so that's going to be an easy theme.



  1. Yay, they're back! Braeden is still as cute as ever. Thanks for bringing them back.

  2. Did you make those white chairs because they look awesome! I'm glad to see Brody back as well!

    1. Hi Muff Yes i made those chairs out of recycables! I have you to thank for it because after reading your blog it gave me motivation to create!I just love your cardboard houses!