Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chapter Eleven.....Superheros prt 2

Curtises took out his walkie talkie and called down to his new partner to come up stairs to join him and to meet Brody and Brayden.
" That was quick rookie! " -Curtis pauses," I wanted to introduce you to a good friend of mine this is Brody Sinclair.Brody this is officer Brown." - Curtis
" Its really nice to meet you, Curtis has told me allot about you sir." - Brown
" Yeah all lies probably." - laughed Brody
" Oh no sir! He told me how you guys first met. He told me that you served in the Marines a few years back! My brother is serving in the Army ." - Brown
" Yeah I did my time in the Corp. " - Brody
" Officer West said you saved his butt maytimes." - Brown
" A couple of times but who's counting."- Brody
Brown looked at his watch, " We have to get going sir." - Brown
" Yeah I know, duty calls."Curtis
"Well I better let you guys get going then." - Brody
" Hit me up later on. Maybe we can hang out later if you want." -Curtis
" That sounds like a plan. My dad is stopping over later to pick up Braden so that would be perfect."- Brody
" I'll call you later when my dad picks up the little rug rat." - Brody
" All right sounds good...see ya later bro!" - Curtis
" It was nice to meet you Officer Brown , hope to see you around." - Brody
" Same here sir! Have a nice day." - Brown
 "Bye bye." - Braden
" See me later or text me either way!" - Curtis
" I beat it." - Laughed Brody
" I think your uncle Curtis is a little wacky don't you!" - Brody
" He's a superhero, they can't be wacky!" - Braden
" Speaking of heroes, your show is almost over which means you need to be ready when papa comes over to get you!" - Brody
" Can I take my puppy with me to papa and Nana's house!" - Braden
"Of course but you better get him up off the floor before jack gets him and you know what would happen then." - Brody
"No Jack!! I'll come rescue you puppy!" -Brayden
So Brayden  rescued his stuffed puppy then finished watching his cartoons while Brody went into Braydens room and finished getting his stuff together.
Here is the conclusion to my last post. I know two posts in a day..crazy right but since i  focused on my original characters i have been getting allot of inspiration to create more stories. I have been taking photos all day and also working on some unfinished projects that needed done. Braydens bedroom is in the works right now. Ive been trying to figure out how i wanted it set up and i still have to make him a bed! I know he wants his room to have a super hero theme so wish me luck!


  1. Nice! Good to see Brody and Brayden back. Looking forward to more!

  2. So nice to see Brody, Braeden and Curtis. Love those uniforms. Glad you were inspired to create new stories.

    1. I have you to thank! Your Blog is a huge inspiration to me! I did miss Brody and his son alot!!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad to see you back! Brody is a favorite, so I'm happy to see the story going on and he's here and healthy as ever. :)

  4. Your characters are new to me but I love them already! :)