Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chapter six...... meeting the owner.

Club Kraze
After the club had closed, James started to clean the place up.
James turned to see Ed and his brother coming out from the back.
" Hey James, Did you see Bruce come in tonight! I wanted to talk to him." - Ed
" No i haven't seen him all night! I think he said he wasn't coming in!" - James
"Hmmm I swear he said he was coming in! Maybe i can get ahold of him on my cellphone." - Ed
" You said he would already be here!" - Rick
" I know , I know! (pauses) I see him coming in the door now!" - Ed
" Ed...Sorry for keeping you, I had a little business i had to attend to!" - Bruce
" That's OK , I wanted to introduce you to my little brother Rick." -Ed
" Little!......I think he has you by a foot or so!" - Ed
" Its nice to meet you Rick, Your brother has told me allot about you!" - Bruce
" I hope it was all good!" - Rick
" Rick was interested in possible working here!" - Ed
" Oh!" - Bruce
" Yeah ...He has had experience working in clubs before so I thought we could use him!" -Ed
" I've worked in a couple of places while i  was in Miami and also i worked in LA!"- rick
" Sounds like you've been around! I really don't have anything open right now !" - Bruce
" I thought we were looking for another bouncer!"- Ed
" I really don't think Bob needs any help with that!" - Bruce
" I can do other things also like bar tend, DJ or even do maintenance work ! " -Rick
" Sorry kid! I will call you if anything comes up!' - Bruce
Bruce made his way behind the bar to check the  receipts of the night .



  1. Awww, bummer. Hopefully Rick can find a job soon. Love all your alcohol bottles. By the way, is Brody still a character in your stories?

    1. Vanessa
      Yes Brody will be re introduced soon. I couldnt just leave him out since he is one of my favorite figures!lol. If you noticed i put Curtis in one of the earlier bar scenes.