Tuesday, May 7, 2013

chapter five....Open for buisness

  Well the club has finally opened and is in full swing!

Many patrons are meeting up with friends for a night of fun and relaxation.
At the bar several people where ordering drinks.....
" Hey do you have any specials going on right now!" - Curtis
" We have tap for 1.50!"- James
" Thats ok just give me a can of Budweiser please!" - Curtis
Rick entered the club hoping that he could find his brother Ed
Rick approached the crowded bar and leaned over the counter, " Hi, Is Ed around!"- Rick
" You must be rick, Eds little brother. Welcome to club Kaze, can i get you something to drink!" - James
" Yes a bottle of heinekin if you have it!" - Rick
" Coming right up and its on the house!" - James
James got rick his bottle of beer then pointed towards the back, "Your brother is in the back near the dance floor if you are looking for him!" - James
" Thanks and thanks for the beer!" - Rick
Rick took his bottle and moved towards the back of the club where the Dj booth and dance floor were located.
Rick stepped onto the dance floor where he noticed it was pretty empty but he knew it was still kinda early.  The music was pretty loud  so he didnt want to stay back here for long. Rick heard some one call his name near the Dj booth.
" Hey Bro i see you finally made it! Did you have any problems getting in!" - Ed
" No but there where alot of people outside waiting to get in though!"- Rick
" Yeah we are the only night club in town which means alot of people are going to be partying here!" -Ed
" So when can i meet the owner and see about getting a job here!" - Rick
" Don't worry about that  i have that all taken care of..." - Ed
When Ed turned he noticed Chris on the dance floor and waved him over.
" Hey Chris i want to intoduce my little brother to you...Chris this is rick!" - Ed
" Nice to meet you. You definately can tell you two are brothers!" Laughed chris
" I,m the more sexy one!" - replied Rick
" So what do you do for a living rick!" - Chris
" I work on motorcycles but i also have done some bouncer work in LA!" - Rick
" Motorcycles huh! Maybe you can look at my piece of junk someday!" -Chris
" Do you work here at the club to!"- Rick
" You can say i do, i work in construction during the day !" - Chris
" Well i got to get going but it was nice meeting you!" - Chris
" Same to you man!" - Rick
" He seemed pretty cool! What does he do here!" - Rick
Ed kinda avoided the question and motioned his brother towards others he knew.


  1. The place is bustling with so much activity - and hot guys, lol!

  2. Great opening night. Love your bar! And of course, I always enjoy the incredibly handsome men in your stories.

  3. I have to say this is confusing but strangely intriguing. I think my little sister still has all of my old dolls from our childhood.