Monday, May 20, 2013

Chapter happy camper

  After their meeting with Bruce, Ed and Rick make it back to Ricks apartment.........

" Look I tried my best to get you a job! I didn't know that  he didn't want to hire anyone new." - Ed
" Yeah ,well I feel like I just waisted my time! You should have found this out earlier." Rick
" Well he did say to fill out a job application which means he will keep you in mind." -Ed
" I could have been out looking for work  but no I had to waste my time with this dead end. Its like the guy already had his mind set." - Rick
"You don't know that for sure. Look I'll talk to him tomorrow. I know we can use a extra pair of hands around the club." - Ed
Rick sits down on the couch and grabs the television remote.......
" Well don't do me anymore favors....big brother!" - Rick
" Whats with the attitude! I said I would try to get you a job and that's all I can do!" - Ed
(paying attention to the television) " Yeah  OK !" - Rick
" I told you when you moved up here that I would help you get established up here and didn't I do that by finding you this apartment!" - Ed
"Yeah you did." - Rick
" And I will talk to Bruce later and see what I can do about getting you hired but you have to chill out." - Ed
Ed leaves . Rick knew his big brother right but he hated to admit it. Hopefully he can convince Bruce to hire him on at the club.
Rick decides to take a shower to cool himself off.
I think we will leave him alone while he showers.
This little scene was fun to do especially the shower scene since rick decided he was going to have problems standing. Sometimes the action figures feet pegs become loose which causes them to wobble and fall down and I didn't want to shoot this with him using a stand.


  1. Rick is being a total jerk. His brother can't be held responsible for whether or not he gets a job. Seems like he knows he's being an a-hole. Awesome bathroom! Very nicely done. Love the colors and all the details. Rick's abs are quite nice, too.

  2. Little brother needs a spanking for his attitude. That bathroom is hot!