Monday, May 27, 2013

Chapter eight........convincing the boss

  Ed was determined to get his boss to hire his little brother.....

Coffee Culure

Counter girl - " Hello, what can I  get for you?"
Ed- " Can I get just two regular coffees please."
Counter girl - " Coming right up."
Ed - " How much do I owe you."
Counter girl - " That will be 3.18 please."
Ed hands her his debit card -  "Do you except these?"
Counter girl - " Yes."
Ed takes the two coffees over to an open counter.
Ed(to himself)- " I really hope this goes well. I don't want my brother moving back to Miami."
Bruce arrives.
Ed - " Hey boss, I took the liberty to order your coffee. You take it black right!"
Bruce - " Thanks and yes I do take it black."
Ed - " Its freshly brewed too."
Bruce - " So what business did you need to discuss."
Ed - " Well, I asked you here to see if I can convince you to hire my brother.He really needs a job and he is a hard worker."
Bruce - " Oh I see, so that's why you wanted to meet with me!"
Ed - " Yes it is"
Ed - " I know that you told him there wasn't anything open but isn't there something that he could do!"
Bruce - " Ed i know he is your brother but I just don't know about hiring him."
Ed - " Why may i ask."
Bruce - " Well for starters I did some checking and your brother has a record."
Ed - " What do you mean a record!"
Bruce - " Your brother has been in trouble before. He was arrested for fighting and disorderly conduct. I don't want that to effect my business."
Ed - " He never mentioned that to me!"
Bruce - " I think he didn't want to disappoint you. I mean  not saying he is a bad guy but I can't afford to have him fighting with any of my customers."
Ed - "  I don't think he would. He has grown up allot since I last seen him and people make mistakes , just give the guy a chance to prove himself."
Bruce - "I don't know if  that would be a good idea."
Ed - "Look you gave me a chance didn't you! I had a gambling problem and you helped me get back onto my feet. "
Bruce - " I know."
Ed - " That's all I'm trying to do is help him get back on his feet and make his life better. He really is a good kid and I will take full responsibility for his actions."
Bruce - " Alright, I'll see what I can do but if  he doesnt work out then I have to let him go."
 Ed- " Deal!"
Ed and bruce continued their coversation discussing what Randy would possibly doing at the club.

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  1. Love your coffee shop! Ed is looking awfully fine. I hope Randy doesn't disappoint either of them if he gets the job.