Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Blog

Hi guys

                              Yes I'm still around and kicking!..LOL I just wanted you to know that I started a new blog. Its about  a young guy who finds his way in life. I kept some of the original dioramas but changed the characters around. I think that you will like this story. Ive been thinking of doing this story for a long time and to be quite frank I was getting bored with the older story I was doing. That being said please take a look at my new blog which can be found by clicking my name in the right hand panel. Its called The life of a doll   and trust me will be quite entertaining. I already have five episodes already planned and four are photographed. I will be adding characters and new dioramas  as I go come take a look. Here is a sample picture of my new character. His name is Sean .


  1. Heyyy there!
    I went over to the new blog. I like I like! That Sean sure is a looker! I can't wait until we can sign up to follow it!

  2. I'm glad Ms. Leo let me know about the blogs. I am already hooked.