Saturday, April 26, 2014


Hi guys

 Well I wanted to let everyone know that I was still around. Ive been really busy at work and getting things situated. I am in the process of moving and things have been looking kinda gloomy for me right now so please bare with me. I was looking at my blog the other day and realized that allot of my story was just mixed up. When I started this blog I had a story in mind that I wanted to tell but as time went by i kinda went off track but this is going to change soon. I am going to go back to the original story that I wanted to tell and go from there. So many different blogs have really made me look at what I was doing and have inspired me greatly especially Miranda over at One Sixth Avenue. Her story is amazing and has lit the fire under my butt to continue with my doll stuff so thank you Miranda.  On a minor note, I was finally able to find two dolls I have been looking for. First one is the new Barbie Glam Raquel which I was told was hard to find and the other is my crown jem of my collection. I found Slo-mo from the monster high collection at wal-mart the other day and when I found him on the shelf I squealed like a little girl( EEEEEEEEEE) . People were looking at me kinda weird but I didn't care.

                So hopefully I will have a new doll story up soon so keep watching and remember to play!


  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations on having two new Barbies in your collection. Raquell is very difficult to buy in my country. I also follow the blog of Miranda. I love her story .. We keep in touch

  2. Hey William, I can definitely relate. You've just inspired me to get back on track. And congrats on finding the dolls you've been looking for. :)

    1. Thanks
      Yeah i have been pretty neglegant with this blog but I plan on making a come back soon. Im glad to see that you are refocusing yourself!

  3. Congratulations on finding wanted figures.

    Best wishes for getting your blog on track. Working on blog redemption myself ;-)

  4. Hi Will!
    Moving can be a major chore especially when there all those dolls n things to pack up :) I'm excited to see what you have I store for your blog. I am flattered I have inspired you. I feel the same way with all my fellow dolly bloggers :)

  5. Hope everything goes smoothly with your move. I totally know what you mean about getting off track. I haven't posted anything because I have so many stories in my head and no time to post them. Miranda is awesome! She's definitely someone who inspires me too...but so so you. :-).