Sunday, March 23, 2014

Chapter 33 ...Power play

    Its 3 am and Ed was going over the receipts of the night.

"These look to be in order." - Ed
" How did we do?" - James
" About as good as any Saturday night. By my calculations we did pretty well." - Ed
" Hey do me a big favor and turn that damn television off. I am so tired of hearing how the world is so messed up." - Ed
"  Yeah its always one sided news anyway." - James
" I never really watch to much news because its too depressing." - James
" It wouldn't be so depressing if they would report good things that happen instead of people getting killed or mugged." - Ed
James ducked down behind the bar to restock the cooler
Eds younger brother Ricky came in from the other room. He was being nice and helping his brother clean up.
" Well the floors are all mopped up and the trash is out." - Ricky
" Thanks, did you lock the back door?" - Ed
" No I just left it open for the rats to come in  what do you think!" -Ricky
"Seriously! You always never knew when to quit did you." - Ed
" Relax Bro I locked everything up. " - Ricky
" Do you want me to wipe off the tables." -Ricky
" No Dave has already done that." - Ed
(Sound of the front door opening)
"Someone is coming in, tell them we are closed." - Ed
In walked two men that looked very familiar.............................
"Why hello gentlemen, fancy me finding you here at this hour." - Peter
" Hey man we are closed." - Ricky
" Closed are we! Well I have business to talk about here." - Peter
"Peter what can I do for you." - Ed
" It has come to my attention that two very good friends of mine were told they couldn't come in tonight." - Peter
" Well a couple of people were denied access to the club tonight. who were they exactly." - Ed
" They came with two girls and was told they couldn't come in." peter
" Ricky do you know who they were!" - Ed
" Yeah i remember a group that came in and tried to get in here but the two girls had fake IDS ." - Ricky
" Oh really!" - Peter replied with a cocky grin
" Yeah really!" - replied Ricky
Peter associate stepped forward.............
" What! You wanna be a bad a++ friend." - replied Ricky as he moved toward the two men.
Peter extended his arm between the two men, " Settle down gentlemen!." - Peter
" He ain't nothing." - Ricky
" Oh yeah little man lets take this outside and see who is the bigger man." - thug
" OK lets do this. I hope that you called 911 because your gonna need it after I'm done." Ricky
" I did call the hospital and reserved a room with your name on it." - Thug


  1. Ut oh, it's about to be a bar fight and Ricky isn't wearing any shoes. Hope no glass gets broken.

  2. Fight! FIght! Alright, so who were the wusses who had to send in backup because they couldn't handle their own business? It's fine with me. I'm always down for seeing more eye candy. You never disappoint with the eye candy.

    1. Oh its gonna be very interesting to say the least! as for the boys well i am to please! :)

  3. It's on now! I agree with Vanessa I always enjoy seeing your boys ;)

    1. Thanks miranda. I love using action figures because they have better face sculpts then alot of the fashion dolls do.