Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chapter 32...Real Friends

After getting something to eat, Steph , Cory and Keisha went back to Stephs apartment...

"Man I am stuffed!" - Cory
" So am I . I should have had something smaller." - Steph
" Who would have known that Picasso's mad such awesome sandwiches." - Keisha
" I heading to the bathroom so if you girls need to go then go because I will probably be in there for awhile." - Cory
Both girls started to giggle.....
Keisha and Steph sat on the couch..
" So what did you think of the movie." - Steph
" Well I wasn't impressed with all the killing." - Keisha
" Yeah it was a little to much for me." - Steph
" Keisha what was up with you at the movie theatre!" - Steph
" What do you mean." - Keisha
" The incident with the guy in the back row." - Steph
" Oh Mr uptight you mean!" - Keisha
" Yeah i have never seen you go off like that ." Steph
" I think the whole thing was uncalled for." - Steph
Keisha through her hands up, " Uncalled for! He was the one who kept saying something to us." - Keisha
" All he wanted was to watch the movie like the rest of us. Whats going on with you today, your getting so defensive." - Steph
" Keisha its OK you can tell me. We've been friends for years and you are like a sister to me." - Steph
" I'm just fed up with stuff that's all." - Keisha
" Like what maybe we can help. Do you need something!" - Steph
" No , its just that I really hate it when things just fall apart you know!" - Keisha
" Keisha sometimes in life we face these things but we have to be strong and go through them. I have had a few bumps in the road lately but I know that  I can depend on the people around me to help me. Now whats happening." - Steph
" Its my boyfriend. He doesn't want me to work in the club anymore because he thinks that other guys will hit on me." - Keisha
" What do you think about this." - Steph
" I have told him time and time again that I love him and would never cheat on him with anyone but I think he is being to possessive." - Keisha
" I think that he sounds like he is a little insecure about this relationship. Have you talked to him about it." - Steph
" Yes and no. I wanted to tell him that he was acting like a fool but I didn't." - Keisha
" You should sit down with him and tell him how you really feel and he should do the same. A strong relationship is communication. if that breaks down then it is doomed."- Steph
" Your right. I shouldn't have held this in. i made you guys look like fools....I'm sorry." - Keisha
" Its OK. Sometimes we don't know where to turn and we bottle it all up." - Steph
" I think that I'm gonna talk to him and tell him whats been going on." - Keisha
" And you need to listen to him as well." - Steph
Cory come back into the room.......
"Wow I feel much better. I wouldn't go into the bathroom for awhile." - Cory
" I told you not to put hot sauce on your sandwich." - Keisha
" Hey it was good." - Cory
" ...and you sleep in the same bed as this man! Girl you gonna be on this couch tonight." - Keisha
" Not me!" - Steph
All three of them started to laugh. Steph was very happy that she was able to straighten out everything with Keisha.


  1. Hi William! I really liked the story! They are good friends! The setting is fabulous, the curtain is beautiful! A kiss from Spain!

  2. There had to be an explanation, great the girls have had a talk. The bathroom visit of Cory is hilarious :-D. Very good story, I really enjoyed it!

    1. Thanks ! Cory definately is the manly

  3. You almost made them look real. Glad to see you here blogging. So many deserted blogs these days. Thanks for letting me visit.

  4. Hahhaha! Cory is such a guy! and I love it....makes them so much more real.
    I am glad that Steph and Keisha had a moment to talk. It's nice to have someone to talk to when you are going through a rough patch. I hope Keisha can work it out with her boyfriend otherwise he isn't worth it if he can't trust her....

    1. Thanks Miranda,
      Yes keisha is very fortunate that she has a great friend that she can trust.

  5. Hey William, I really enjoyed your story. It's nice to have someone to talk to and I hope everything goes well when Keisha talks with her boyfriend.