Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chapter two...interview

  As Ed and Bruce went over some applications, Ed got Bruce and himself something to drink....

 " Maybe we should hire only a couple of bar backs as well to help the bartenders with the customers, what do you think?" - Ed
" That sounds like a good idea to me." -Bruce
" Hopefully we don't have to train anyone this time around." - Ed
 As Ed and Bruce continued, Ed hear the front door open,...
" That must be our first applicant coming in."- Ed
"Bring him back to the bar please.- Bruce
" Sure thing." - Ed
 Ed went to the front of the club to welcome their first appointment
moments later.....
"Bruce this is Mr Maddox. He is here for the bartender position."
" Welcome  Mr Maddox."- Bruce
" Please just called me Jason and its nice to meet you." - Jason
" Same here so how long have you been bar tending if I may ask." - Bruce
"I have been doing it off and on for about ten years give n take!" - Jason
" I was impressed with your application. The one place you put down on the application is a good friends establishment!" - Bruce
" May I ask which one?" - Jason
" Club Monaco, I know the owner really well. He's a really good guy." - Bruce
" Oh yeah that would be Greg then. He was an awesome boss and a good man." - Jason
" Well I have to say if you worked for him then you had to be pretty good. Sometimes he could be a real jerk sometimes to but hey...!"- Bruce
" I definately think you would be good for the job. When can you start?" - Bruce
" As soon as you need me."- Jason
Bruce turned towards Ed," Ed show our friend here around the place and have him fill out the paperwork !"
"Sure I can do that, ."- Ed
" So you ready to see the place." - Ed
" Heck yeah! " - Jason
Jason followed Ed into  the back area where the dance floor was located!
" This is the dance floor. We are thinking of adding one to the upstairs as well." - Ed
" Looks awesome... love the lighting in here." - Jason
" That's the clubs DJ in the booth over there. I'll introduce you guys later." - Ed
They continued the small tour....
" And this is the bar. You have everything you need to make mixed drinks and a stocked cooler, usually we have the bar backs stock the coolers." - Ed
" I like the layout! If I have any ideas to make this bar  more interesting can I?" - Jason
" We definitely love new ideas so feel free to run it past myself or Bruce!" - Ed
" Well That's all to see so what did you think!" - Ed
" This place seems like a  jumping place.' - Jason smiled
" Hopefully we can get you started this weekend if you are available." - Ed
" Heck yeah, I can't waite. Thank you for showing me around and thank you for hiring me." - Jason
" You're welcome. I'm just glad we snatched you up before anyone else could." - Ed laughed


  1. Ahh, the new bar begins... I love it. I would absolutely let Jason serve me drinks XD

    1. Hi Heather
      Thank you for your reply. Dont worry there is more eye candy coming so keep an eye out! The bar will probably go through some upgrades in time!

  2. The bar looks fantastic!! I can't wait to see the new guys you have coming.

  3. Your men are SO Attractive. Great dio too!

    1. Thanks! I love ation figures because they have so much potential more then any fashion dolls i have seen lately.