Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chapter one....Business Ventures

  Well I've been working on creating a new story so here it goes...

At Club Craze,

Bruce (bar owner) decides to look over last nights  paper work to make sure everything was in order. Normally he has his assistant Ed do it.
Ed arrives late ...
" Hey boss man." - Ed
" Ed , I was looking over some paper work that needed to be done and I wanted you to look something over and give me your opinion." - Bruce
" I was thinking of hiring on  a couple of new employees to add to our staff and this one sounded interesting." - Bruce
" There are several more applications in the office if you want me to go get them for you?" - Ed
" No just take a look at this one and let me know what your thoughts are." - Ed
Ed looks over the application,
" Wow is this guy real! He bartenders, bounces and is also a dancer!" - Ed
" Yeah and look where he use to work. He has allot of experience in the business." - Bruce
All the sudden Bruses cell phone went off, " Hold on a second, I have to take this call. I was waiting for this guy to call me all day!"- Bruce
" I'll just continue reading this guys  impressive resume." - Ed
Bruce walks over to the other side of the room where the tables are. He really wasn't too concerned with Ed hearing his conversation.
Ed read the rest of the resume," Man, this guy would make an excellent part of the staff here. I think I'm gonna call this one asap!" - Ed
Bruce finished his call and rejoined Ed at the bar where both men continued to look over paperwork and was figuring who to hire on!
Well here is the first installment of my new story. As you can see the bar changed pretty drastically and was renamed. Bruce has only owned it for a couple of months and is excited about really doing some exciting things.
 I ordered a couple of new action figures who are going to be in the story. I think you guys are gonna really like them allot..


  1. Neat new storyline. I LOVE your Bruce figure. (Hot Toys, yes? Love their faces and builds.) His outfit is nice, too. I mean, realistic nice.

    The Club looks great. Real, masculine, and gritty. I'm impressed with your photography - against the dark setting - Bruce and Ed stand out.

    1. Thank you! This new story has some interesting things which are going to take place! Bruce is from hot toys like most of my figures are! Stay tuned for the next episode!!