Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chapter 28...long time no see!

 Steph had a day off of work so she thought she would get some stuff around the apartment done. Cleaning was sometimes a pain but necessary now that Cory moved in with her.

"I thought I hear someone knocking" - Steph
Steph opened the door and was shocked to see her aunt Rose.
"Stephie darling how are you!" - Aunt Rose
"Aunt Rose......When did you get into town!" - Steph
" Oh about an hour ago. I tried to call your father to pick me up at the airport but i got his voicemail instead." - Aunt Rose
Steph gave her Aunt a hug
"I wish I would have known I would have picked you up." - Steph
" I know you would have but I wanted to surprise you so.....SURPRISE!"- Aunt Rose
"Waite, Aunt Rose where are your shoes!" - Steph
" I took them off in the hallway outside. They had some mud on them and I didn't want to track any in here." - Aunt Rose
" Wow its been years since I seen you last." - Steph
"I know you were not so grown up the last time I seen you and boy did you fill out!" - Rose
"Aunt Rose!" - Steph (blushing)
" What! You were still wearing pigtails the last time I seen you besides you grown into a very beautiful woman. Took right after your dear ole Auntie!" - Rose
" How long are you going to be in town?" - Steph
" Well I was thinking a few days." - Rose
Just as Rose finished her sentence Cory walked in the room
" Oh honey I would like you to meet my Aunt Rose. She just came up from New Orleans." - Steph
" Its nice to meet you." - Cory
" And its very nice to meet you as well. Steph you definitely caught yourself a strapping young man !" - Rose
" Umm...thanks I think." - Cory
" Don't be so modest young man. You definitely are a keeper." - Rose
Steph and Aunt Rose sat down on the couch.
" Where are you staying at? "- Steph
" I was going to rent a room at one of the hotels here in town." - Rose
" Well I was told that the Marriott was really nice and had good room service." - Steph
" Your Aunt Rose can stay here with us if she wants. I mean we can make the room." - Cody
" Me and Cory can just sleep on the blow up mattress out here in the living room plus I have extra blankets if you need them." -Steph
" I don't want to impose on you guys and besides you need all the privacy you can if you guys want to start making babies." - Rose
Both Cory and Steph turned their heads quickly at her with a stunned look on their faces.
"What! Did I say something wrong!" - Rose
Poor Steph, like she was expecting that to come out of her aunts mouth. Hope you guys like this little story. Stay tuned because there is more to come.


  1. LOL, I like Aunt Rose A LOT! And that was really nice of Cody to be the first to offer to let her stay with them.

    1. Cody has a soft side which is why Steph loves him so much. Aunt Rose is definately on of those characters that will grow on you.

  2. Hi William! I love the new design of your blog I had not seen. The room is very nice, Steph looks very pretty with that hairstyle. A kiss!

  3. Cody is looking even hotter than usual. I love Steph's hair. Aunt Rose is a pistol.

    1. Thanks! Believe it or not i found roses head walking to a store about a week ago. Someone through her away and i salvaged her head and gave her a new life. She definately is a handful! LOL

  4. Oh wow! Cody looks super hot! Aunt Rose is my kinda girl, she says what she means. :-)

    1. Yeah I did a little more customizing with cory to make him have a little more character. Aunt Rose is definately one of those woman you want at a social gethering...lol

  5. Lol! Aunt Rose is too funny :) And I love Cory what a cutie....that's my middle name too :) Great to see you posting some episodes