Friday, November 8, 2013

Pics of Hunger games Peeta from Mattel

  Here are a couple of real pics of Peeta from a dealer on ebay who has him in hand. I haven't seen him yet in the stores yet which   I hope to soon. I noticed on barbie collector .com  that  Finnick has been released but the others are due out in December .  Here are the pics

I think they did an excellent job on the sculpt of this doll . It pretty much looks like the actor from the new movie. If anyone sees these dolls anywhere please let me know.


  1. Hello from Spain: in my country is not yet for sale. I like a lot too. Keep in touch

  2. One of the dealers was selling him at the doll show. He looks great in person. He is very well done. I do plan to add him to the list.

    1. I want to get him and finnick. i plan on using peeta to be stephanies younger brother . I will have to figure out who i want finnick to be.

  3. I just saw Peeta at Target yesterday for $24.99. I'm waiting for a sale. Katniss and Ellie were both ther. Katniss is really nice, too.