Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chapter 27...The morning effect.

                                     Brody awoke from the couch with a pounding headache.

"Holy crap! I feel like a truck just hit me." - Brody
He noticed Curtis sleeping on the floor
" He should have slept in my bed instead of the floor." - Brody
" awake." - Brody
Curtis stirred a little but never answered. 
" I'll have to seriously make it up to him later." -Brody
Brody stood up slowly.He could feel himself becoming lightheaded and his temples started to throb.  He felt his stomach rumble from the lack of food but was feeling  nauseous.
Brody reached the bathroom . He wasn't to sure if he was going to throw up or not.
" God my head." - Brody placed his hands to his head
" Wonder if I have anything for headaches." - Brody
Downstairs ..........                                                                                                                        
Curtis awoke and noticed that Brody wasn't on the couch anymore. He knew he was probably throwing up in the bathroom.
" This floor was awful! I should have thrown him on the floor and I should have taken the couch." - Curtis
Curtis folded up the blanket and sat for a few minutes to get himself to wake up. He couldn't wait to get a shower and a good breakfast.
Brody came back from the bathroom.
" How does your head feel." - Curtis
" Like someone hit me with a bus. I must have drank way yo much last night." - Brody
" Well I did warn you last night to go slow but after the fourth shot you were feeling nothing."- Curtis
" Next time just drag me away please!" - Brody
Both of them sat on the couch, " Thanks for taking care of me last night." - Brody
" You would have done the same for me." - Curtis
" I have, several times as a matter of fact." - Brody
Curtis started to laugh.
" I'm glad that you had a good time last night. You needed to let loose." - Curtis
" Yeah well next time let's do something that doesn't have to involve drinking OK." - Brody
" now you get to cook me breakfast!" - Curtis
That finishes this little story. This was fun putting this together  and coming up with something a little different. I think that Brody won't be drinking for a long time. 


  1. This was a really nice story and I like the way you move your dolls into such realistic positions. I think Brody will be a wee bit more careful with his fun in the future.

    1. Thanks Muff. I do try to make the pictures look more realistic and i love using action figures because they have the best articulation. Only if Mattel would do this with their dolls I think alot of people would be happy!

  2. Just curious, where's Braeden? With his mom, or with his grandmother? It was good to Brody to get out and have some fun.

    1. Braden is at Grandmas house for the weekend. His mother loves babysitting.

    2. Does Braden ever get to see him mom?

  3. Wonderful blog! It is so refreshing to see humans actually enjoying and making their collectable dolls come to life. Keep up the great stories!