Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hot Toys Loki

 Hot toys has finally released the finished project of Loki, the main villian from Thor and the Avengers and i have to say the likeness is totally awsome! When i found out that Hot Toys was releasing a figure of him i was excited because he reminded me of a character i wanted to create months ago! Here are a few shots of him....

I really love this guys facial expression! Hot toys has been coming up with awsome figures but their release dated were scetchy so be aware if you order from them.


  1. He does have an interesting, snarky expression, William. I look forward to seeing your figure of him. Thanks for sharing this pre-release information.

    1. no problem! Ive been waiting for him for nearly a year now! He is suppose to be a main character in my story!

  2. Wow, they did an awesome job on him! Looks just like him.