Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chapter three........Brothers

   Tuesday afternoon Ed decided to help his brother move some stuff into his apartment.

Rick had finally finished moving the remaining boxes of stuff he had from his storage room into his apartment. Rick had just moved into town three weeks prior and  had put most of his belongings in a storage facility until he found an apartment. He finally got his new apartment a week ago and has had time to set it up.
" Only a couple of more boxes and I will be finally moved. I hope that Ed isn't hurting himself with the last box." - Rick

" Hey do you need help with that,Its kinda heavy?" - Rick
" Seriously! I think i can manage." - Ed
" OK but don't complain tomorrow that your back hurts old man." - Rick
" Man that was a little heavy, I 'm sure glad that you don't have any more boxes in the truck because you'll have to go get them." - Ed
" Well I'm definitely glad that you were able to help me move these last boxes . I forgot how stressed moving could be!" - Rick
" For being here only a couple of weeks you sure got this place set up pretty fast." - Ed
" The past couple of days I was busting my butt to get stuff unpacked and set up . Hanging the pictures were a pain." - Rick
" You should have text me I would have come over to help you get situated bro." - Ed
" I know but you're pretty busy with the club and all I just did it myself. "-Rick
Rick went into his small kitchen and got two bottles of beer out of the fridge....
" I still can't believe I have my baby brother living in the same town as me." - Ed
" Its gonna be a big change . I'm still gonna miss the beaches in Miami." -Rick
" You'll get use to it in no time plus we have some pretty nice beaches here to. Have you found a job yet or are you still thinking of opening a bike shop?" - Ed
" No I probably won't open one just yet. I have put a few applications in a few places but nothing yet. Maybe you can help me get a job where you work.I still have some money in my account for a couple more months so I'm good!"-Rick
" Well I'll see what I can do." - Ed
Both the brothers continued to talk the rest of the night.
 So some introductions are in order. This is Rick Sinz. He is the younger brother of Ed Sinz and he just moved from Miami where he use to manage a motorcycle garage. I plan on giving him some tattoo work on his arms in the near future. I was excited when he finally arrived yesterday and managed to find a body to match his skin tone well.
 I wanted also wanted to give credit to Muff for the idea of creating moving boxes for my story!



  1. Great story! I love seeing the two brothers together. They work very well as siblings. Love what he's done to the place. He will look great with tattoos.

  2. thanks Vanessa
    Ed and his brother Rick have always been close so its nice that his brother now lives near him! The tattoos are being planned out so hopefully he likes them!

  3. That was nice of Ed to give his brother a hand with moving and how happy he is to have him closer. Looks like they're in for some good times! Wonderful story :)

  4. Awesome story and dio and your boxes turned out great!