Sunday, March 24, 2013

Meet Colton

   I thought i would do a new character profile so here he is. This is Colton Rhodes, . . Colton is a real estate agent who is excellent in selling houses and renting out commercial spaces.

Lets watch him in action!
Colton greets his potential buyer.
" Mr Sagel...hi my name is Colton and I'm here to show you around!"- Colton
" Thanks, I like the location this place is at I can tell you that." - Sagel
" And this is the living room. There was new carpeting installed  and also new electrical outlets."-Colton
" Living room is kinda small isn't it." - Segal
"Its nice and cozy for a small family." - Colton
" This is the master bedroom. It hasn't been finished yet which I apologize for but once its painted it will look really nice." - Colton
Colton finished showing Mr Sagel around the rest of the apartment..
" So that concludes the small tour. Do you have any questions?" - Colton
" No not really, I will definitely be thinking of it. I do need a new place quickly because i just moved here from Pittsburgh to start  a new job!" - Sagel
 " Well I'll have you fill out an application and we can go from there!" - Colton
Colton finished with his appointment. He could tell that Mr Sagel was not too interested in buying the condo.


Well as you can see the apartment wasn't exactly finished which was my bad! Ive been trying to remodel several older apartments that i made about a year a go.


  1. So nice to see you posting again. Mr. Sagel is hot! I can't wait to see him in action. The apartment is nice. We all understand about remodels.

    1. Yeah i thought i would make Steph married and Colton was a really good fit with her! Remodeling is a pain in the butt! Some stuff will stay the same but others will have slight changes

  2. Where did you find that super cool leather jacket?

    1. Hi Sergio
      The jacket is from Blackops toys. they specialize in action figures and they part out kits. They are a little exspensive but worth it too!

  3. Christie: Oh wow... Colton is one sexy guy 0_0 Mrs. Steph is one very lucky lady!

    ... ahem. Yes, I've always enjoyed following your blog... but as you can see... above... there is a new Barbie personality in my blogging world, lol... Christie.
    Feel free to check her out:

    Although you don't have to, I'll still come around either way to read about all of the lovely guys here, hehe... just so you know, though... so will Christie. I hope none of them are single. LOL.